ej4 Values

Our company values help us to create a culture where we can all thrive and enjoy the journey. 

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Trust one another

Leads by example and acts honestly even in difficult times. Is not afraid to admit faults, take accountability for actions, and avoids backstabbing, politicking, and manipulation. Does not withhold or limit information from management or employees. Understands that once broken trust is difficult to rebuild.



Honest communication

Fosters an environment of open communication by sharing information with employees and colleagues in a timely, consistent manner, utilizing various communication methods such as team meetings, e-mails, conference calls, etc. Effectively communicates upward, downward, and laterally.



Excellence in everything we do

Establishes and implements plans and activities that support ej4 goals, inspires team to maintain focus and drive results while staying within budget and on time, handles conflicting priorities effectively. Encourages thoughtful risk-taking and alternatives to the status quo.



Full debate, set aside, support

First seeks to understand and then to be understood. Asks questions to clarify understanding, not to create conflict. Collaborates to ensure the best possible outcome for ej4. Supports decisions in actions and words; walks the talk.



Outstanding customer satisfaction

Displays a serious commitment to the highest level of service to all customers. Aligns company goals with those of the internal and external customers by listening and responding to their needs and changes in the industry. Ensures quick resolution of problems, provides quality service and products, and maintains open communications to promote customer commitment and long-term retention.



Respect for the individual

Creates a positive, respectful work environment by providing clear direction, employee involvement, and supporting employee development. Creates an environment where employees are accountable for their work and actions. Holds self-accountable for being a good member of the team by supporting others and displaying a positive attitude.



Continuous improvement

Anticipates the effect of a fast-changing environment and challenges the status quo. Communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of purpose; provides the information required to inspire others; acts with enthusiasm to champion an idea or plan; thinks nimbly and deals effectively with the reluctance of others.



Enjoy what we do and have fun

Creates a positive, respectful work environment by providing clear direction through goal setting, encouraging employee involvement, and supporting employee development. Works to develop new approaches and methods to enhance effectiveness and efficiency, challenges traditional methods, and considers novel and creative solutions.


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