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7 min read

Effective Coaching Techniques in the Workplace: Tips to Ignite Potential


Some leaders get to where they are by working hard and learning the ropes. Some also seem to have an innate ability...

3 min read

Making Mistakes at Work: How to Recover, Learn, and Move On


In today’s world of cancel culture, I worry how the fear of making mistakes at work may affect entry-level employees....

4 min read

Benefits of Financial Literacy Training for Employees


Your employees have a life outside of the workplace. Stressors in their personal lives can affect their performance...

6 min read

Succession Planning With a Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many managers and HR professionals to two important realizations. First, the importance...

5 min read

10 Practical New Hire Training Tips

We’ve all seen the industry statistics of the number of employees who leave a company because of poor new hire...

4 min read

5 Practical Tools to Enhance Training Reinforcement

After one hour, learners retain less than half of the information presented. After one day, people only retain thirty...

4 min read

The Life of a Salesperson: Sales Skills for Success

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics more than 14-million Americans are employed in sales, yet to...

2 min read

10 Ladder Safety Tips for Work and Home

The US ranks third in population but according to the World Health Organization, the US leads the world in ladder...

6 min read

8 Staff Training Ideas to Spice Up Your Learning


Are you a manager looking for staff training ideas for a specific team member? Or are you a training or HR leader...

6 min read

8 Quick Sales Tips to Help Close the Deal

A great salesperson makes a tough job look like an easy job. It requires hard work, persistence, and the ability to get...

4 min read

Tailoring Your Sales Pitch to Customers' Needs

Without the work of your sales team, your company wouldn't get much new business. In fact, this is probably why you...

8 min read

Anti-Racism in the Workplace: Start a Conversation

As someone who is actively trying to understand my privilege, while learning how to address anti-racism in the...

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