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Leadership is not a title or position, but a habit. Here are the people who make ej4 better daily.

Ryan-E-photo (1)

Ryan Eudy

Chief Executive Officer
I once traveled to China for two days. I've caddied on the Celebrity Golf Tour. I am super competitive.

Tom-L-photo (1)

Tom Lynch

Chief Technology Officer
My first website was created on GeoCities in 1998. I was a contestant on an internet game show called Gold Rush.

Kathy-I-photo (1)

Kathy Irish

Vice President of Operations
Voted Best Laugh and Best Smile in high school. I am an avid baker. I hate shopping.


Chris Scherting

Vice President of Marketing
I worked on a cruise ship for a year out of college and traveled the west coast of North America through the Panama Canal and into the lower Caribbean.

Ken-D-photo (1)

Ken Diekemper

Vice President of Sales
In a family of 12 kids, I am the only one that is left-handed. Contrary to what my big sister says, I don't think I'm adopted.


Core Team

The more smoothly we run, the better we serve you. Here are the people who make that happen.

Akta-Bradshaw-Graphic-Designer-ej4 (1)

Akta Bradshaw

Graphic Designer

I was born in Zambia, Africa. I grew up in a motel that my parents owned. Beyoncé is my spirit animal.


Ami-Gruenefelder-ej4-Graphic-Designer (1)

Ami Gruenefelder

Graphic Designer

I play “Question of the Day” and “Jeopardy” through Alexa everyday. My dream is to be a Jeopardy contestant.


Amy-G-photo (1)

Amy Grojean

Art Director

I was goth in high school and I'm still goth on the inside. I hate the color purple, but The Color Purple is my favorite movie.


Andrew-D-photo (1)

Andrew Diaz

Learning Consultant

Florida man turned St. Louisian. Mountains > beaches. #StLouisProud


Brittany-photo (1)

Brittany Nissen

Graphic Designer

I like to play roller derby and have skated with 3 different leagues. The furthest I’ve traveled to play was to Des Moines, Iowa.


Chris-B-photo (1)

Chris Bingham

Video Editor

Though I learned to fly as a kid, I’m deathly afraid of heights. I was once electrocuted and survived.


Dan-L-photo (1)

Dan Link

Sales Executive

I am a hockey dad and father of 4 boys including fraternal twins. I wear boat shoes regularly but rarely find myself on a boat.


Emily-H-photo (1)

Emily Hennessy

Learning Consultant

I love all animals and aspire to own a llama and mini horse farm. I have a slim cat named Fatter and a fat dog named Slim.

Eric-P-photo (1)

Eric Pogue

Technical Support Specialist

Favorite childhood movie ever is still The Wizard even though it is essentially a 95 minute Nintendo commercial.

Jamie-W-photo (1)

Jamie Wagner

Campus Administrator

I used to sing in a band and also played the drums for several years. I worked as a radio DJ in St. Louis after college.

Josh-D-photo (1)

Josh Dayan

Applications Developer

I have two dogs. One is 9 pounds and the other is 90 pounds. I used to play collegiate Ultimate Frisbee.

Justin Cartlidge-01

Justin Cartlidge

Sales Executive

Married with two young boys who are wild. We have a passion for outdoor activities whether it’s the mountains or the ocean. Traveling and having new experiences is our passion. #thisfamilywilltravel

Kate-H-photo (1)

Kate Heying

Graphic Designer

I am so laid back that I'm practically lying down. Restaurants always mess up my order.

Kelly-E-photo (1)

Kelly Elliot

Campus Administrator

I worked at Canyon Ranch, which is a world-renowned spa with celebrity clientele. I started a snow ski club at my high school.

Kyle-O-photo (1)

Kyle O'Brien

Marketing Technologist

My science fair project came in 3rd place. I trained my dog to open and close the fridge.

Louie-photo (1)

Louie Scherting

Head of Bark-eting

I am a Shih Tzu mix rescue. I love my job in employee relations and as trash inspector.

Mandy-photo (1)

Mandy Owen

Director of Content Development

I have a twin brother. No, we are not identical, it doesn't usually work that way.

Marie-photo (1)

Marie Jowett


Soccer Mom, movie spoiler, and wannabe house flipper. Experienced 3 major earthquakes growing up in Southern California and attended school with several celebrity's kids.

Matty-photo (1)

Matt Mullins

Graphic Designer

I hustle wheel thrown pottery that I handcraft. The worst thing I ever did was run a 100-mile race.

Melissa-S-photo (1)

Melissa Schmidt

Graphic Designer

I enjoy cooking and love trying new recipes. I danced competitively for 14 years and wanted to be a choreographer when I was younger.

Mike-photo (1)

Mike Boschert

Video Editor

I enjoy fly fishing and tie my own flies. At one point in my life, I wanted to be a pastry chef.

Mike-M-photo (1)

Mike McDaniel

Writer, Project Manager

I can cook tortellini for dinner and leave the kitchen as clean as I found it - before the meal is even ready to eat.

Natalie-R-photo (1)

Natalie Reiner

Graphic Designer

I am an artist. I’ve exhibited all over the world, and one of my video pieces is permanently installed in the Angad Arts Hotel.

Pete-N-photo (1)

Pete Nelson

Creative Director

I am a trained opera singer. I played tennis professionally for 3 years. I lie about myself regularly.


Rachael Wilson

Sales Executive

I have a golden doodle named Jude. I am a thrill seeker that loves both cliff jumping and skydiving.


Rachel-W-photo (1)

Rachel Weeda

Rachel Weeda

I've been to over 20 countries on 4 continents. I hope to get to all 7 continents by the time I'm 40 (yes, even Antarctica!).

Rob Riebau

Rob Riebau

Senior Software Developer

I used to be a professional game developer. I worked on some best sellers. I still do it for fun, making games in the genre I enjoy. They are not best sellers. 

Scott-M-photo (1)

Scott McKenzie

Channel Sales Director

Interests: My 3 Shetland Sheepdogs and vexillology. I played lacrosse in high school and college.

Steve Ladd-01-01

Steve Ladd

Learning Consultant

Husband, Father, dog dad, Mizzou and St. Louis sports enthusiast, and an avid golfer with a hole-in-one to my name.

Thorsten-F-photo (1)

Thorsten Fraley

Senior Studio Director

I still like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, even in my thirties. I was once in an Applebee's commercial. I love dogs.

Tony-B-photo (1)

Tony Barsanti

Video Editor

I hate math, so naturally, I married an algebra teacher and had two kids.

Vesna-A-photo (1)

Vesna Akrap

Sales Executive

I am fluent in 3 languages: English (that’s a given, but I had to learn it), Croatian (this is my culture and background and my first language) and German.