Learning Engagement Tools

Off-the-shelf training content and an LMS don't work without learner engagement


ej4 - Examples of Learning Engagement Tools


At ej4, our vision is to ignite employees’ potential. That might start with our unique style of microlearning videos and our simple and intuitive learning management system, Thinkzoom. The real results start when your learners engage, when they watch our videos, learn the content, and then change their behavior.

As you search for training solutions, ask your potential providers what tools they offer to encourage learning engagement.


Marketing Toolkit

A successful training program begins with a successful launch. It continues as learners engage throughout the entire program. Our marketing toolkit provides clients with resources they can use to announce the new program and introduce the content and LMS.

We provide our clients with email templates and fliers to promote topics, courses, LMS features, etc. We give several versions of each so our clients can find the version that best fits their company culture and voice. One is in the expected corporate tone, one is a little more fun, and one is super creative. The email templates also provide variations for subject lines and content.

We designed the fliers to be easily printed on the office printer and hung in the common areas like the copy or break rooms. Clients can choose a topic, series, or course to feature each month.


Training Reinforcement

4tify your Learning™ is a training reinforcement tool available exclusively on Thinkzoom, our learning management system. It is a series of prompted exam questions and a video recap designed to transfer knowledge from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Learners receive emails two days, two weeks, two months, and four months after they complete the course. The recap video will come with the fourth and final email. All touchpoints are mobile-ready so employees can engage anytime, any place.


Social Learning

Our social learning technology, The Quad, is a virtual space for collaborative learning. Employees can create their own informal network of peers beyond their formal, assigned learning groups. The leaderboard creates friendly competition as learners can see the points earned by their peers and rivals and engage in additional learning.

The activity feed can trigger self-directed learning. Employees view the activity of their network with things like courses viewed, exams taken, and comments posted. The feed may inspire learners to take the same classes their peers have.


Classroom Management

All of our clients offer a blended-learning environment where they incorporate instructor-led classes with our video libraries. The classroom management feature in Thinkzoom, our LMS, supports this activity.

Administrators can create and schedule instructor-led classroom courses (live and virtual). They can access student materials to add to a course and designate off-the-shelf courses for pre-work for an integrated blended-learning experience. Users can self-enroll or be enrolled by administrators. Attendance can be tracked in the system and, as with all ej4 content, learners earn points that are added to their totals on the leaderboard.


Student Materials

All our courses come with downloadable student materials that help the employees apply what they have learned. The documents include a course summary, outline of key learning points, and application questions they can discuss with their manager or contemplate on their own.


Competency-based Learning

We have mapped our courses to 36 of the Lominger competencies and created learning Tracks in our LMS. Employees can self-enroll and work at their own pace. Our competency-based learning Tracks make it easy for learners to access content of personal interest beyond their required courses. Allowing self-directed learning helps your HiPo’s engage, learn new skills, and advance within the company.

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