Hospitality Training Topics

Front and back of the house, bartending fundamentals, tourism, and housekeeping are some of the hospitality training topics we offer.



Short-Form Hospitality Training Courses

From restaurants to hotels, our Hospitality topic helps employees develop skills on lessons related to the front and back of the house, housekeeping, valet, tourism, alcohol and beverage, kitchen safety, and more. 

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Some of Our Hospitality Training Topics

Front of the House

  • Introduction to Restaurants
  • Greeting and Seating Guests
  • Interacting with Guests: Fundamentals
  • Understanding the Menu: What's for Dinner?
  • Serving Guests: Time Management

Back of the House

  • Introduction to Restaurant Cuisine
  • Making the Menu
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Knife Safety
  • Food Safety Plans


  • Wine 101
  • Beer and Spirits 101
  • Alcohol Safety
  • Bartending Fundamentals

Front Desk Customer Service

  • Etiquette and Presentation
  • Check-in & Check-out
  • Communicating with Guests
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Handling Upset Guests


  • Cleaning Guest Rooms
  • Cleaning Public Spaces
  • Working Safely with Ergonomics
  • Interacting with Guests


  • Appearance and Professionalism
  • Parking Vehicles
  • Returning Vehicles
  • Safety Essentials


  • Overview
  • Serving the Guest

Additional Resources


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