Hillyard Incorporated Testimonial

90% increase in self-enrolled learners after ej4 content was implemented


Hillyard Incorporated needed a robust content library that covered a broad range of topics like communication skills, customer service, professional productivity, and more. Our library connected with Hillyard Incorporated and upon implementation, impressed learning administrators and their learners.



Jay Redmond, Sales and Marketing Technology Support Coordinator at Hillyard Incorporated


Here are some highlights of Hillyard Incorporated's experience with our content:


Significant Increase in Self-Enrolled Learners

After our content was implemented into their LMS, Hillyard Incorporated's learning program saw an impressive 90% increase in self-enrolled learners. 


Bite-Sized Courses Gravitate to Employees

Not only did the style and substance of our courses resonate well with employees, but the short-form approach fit their busy schedule.


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