It’s what we do! You can learn all about our definition of microlearning here.

Yes! Our content and LMS are both mobile-friendly.

Licenses are non-transferable or shareable between employees, but if you have one employee leave the company and another joins your team, they can take that license. 

We don't have an app for our users, but Thinkzoom and all our content is mobile-ready and works on any mobile device. 

In The Quad, you'll find learner leaderboards to create some fun competition between your learners. Learners can also earn badges. As they complete all the courses in a series or topic, they reach viewership milestones that earn badges, displayed on their profile. 

Yes - learn more about our training reinforcement, 4tify Your Learning™, here. 

Yes! All our videos are compatible with JAWS. For hearing-impaired learners, our courses have transcripts and closed captioning. 

We support all web browsers. 

Yes, each learner can have their own individual profile. 

It's the foundation of all our courses! Learn more about it in our adult learning theory blog

Thinkzoom Free Trial

Our Thinkzoom trial is 100% free and does not require a credit card to sign up. 

Yes, you can invite up to nine other people to join your Thinkzoom trial.

Your Thinkzoom trial will last 15 days, but if you need more time to experience our content, just talk to your sales rep! We'd be happy to extend it for you.

We'd be happy to offer you a demo. Our sales team is happy to walk you through all the features Thinkzoom has to offer. You can reach out to us here to request a demo. 


We offer a wide range of topics spread out between our four content libraries. You can check out our Business Skills, Workplace Compliance, Software Skills, and Active Shooter libraries here

We do not offer official certification training. However, when a learner completes a course on Thinkzoom, they can download a certificate of completion that indicates that they completed the course on that date, and the score they received on their 4tify™

your Learning exam. 

Every year, we review all of our courses to make sure the content, graphics, and learning points are still relevant and effective for your learners. If a topic or course is dated, we'll update it or retire it. For time-sensitive training topics, like state-specific training, we keep an eye on the laws as they change and update courses as needed. It's our responsibility to worry about important changes that impact your learners.

We release new or updated content every month.

We release new or updated content on the first Monday of every month. You will also receive our content release email to learn about these updates. If you have any questions about new or upcoming content, you can always reach out to your Learning Consultant. 

The complete Workplace Compliance Library and the majority of our Business Skills Library include English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), German, French, French (Canadian), Portuguese, and Thai captions. 

Any course that has captions also has a transcript. No courses in the Software Skills library have a transcript.

Across our four content libraries, we offer roughly 2,300 courses.

Not all of our courses are interactive, but as of October 2019 we have released a handful of interactive courses to our library.

Yes! Our authoring tool allows you to take our existing videos and add your own intro, outro, student materials, and more.

Yes! You can learn more about our custom content process here


The SCORM files we provide, via a Box folder download link, are pointer files. A small file is added to your LMS which points your users to our content servers. This minimizes the storage and bandwidth requirements on your LMS while allowing access to the latest updates to our courses. 

Yes. We offer state-specific anti-harassment training for California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York City, and New York State. You can learn more about these courses here. 

Thinkzoom LMS

Yes. You can customize modules and even add your company's colors and logo to the dashboard. Your learners can also customize their dashboard to put the widgets that are most meaningful up-front, and to change their size and display order.

Yes. You can upload your own video and other content to Thinkzoom, and there is no charge for storage. We support the following file types: mp4, avi, mov, m4v, wmv, mpg, mpeg, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, and xps.

4tify Your Learning™ is our training reinforcement tool to help training stick with learners. Learn more about it here. 

Tracks are a built-in competency featured based on 36 of the Lominger competencies. You can learn more about this feature here. 

The Quad is our unique social learning technology. Learn more about this feature here.

Yes, we offer an award-winning authoring tool included in our LMS at no extra charge. Learn more about it here.

Learners do not need an email address to access Thinkzoom. Sign in works with either an email address or a unique user ID.

Tracks are pre-built learning paths in Thinkzoom based on 36 of the Lominger competencies (but you can build your own Tracks, too!). Groups are admin-curated groups of courses meant to keep all the courses for a specific group of learners in one place.

Yes, our Thinkzoom LMS offers reporting features at no extra cost.


Yes. All of our courses are SCORM/AICC compliant.

Implementation can be completed in as little as three hour-long implementation calls with your Learning Consultant. The average implementation time is three weeks, but can be even quicker depending on your timeline. 

Implementation is included in your contract, there is no additional fee.

Yes. We offer single sign-on capabilities and offer clients FTP/XAPI integration for import files.

General response time is by the next business day, between 8:00-5:00 central time. You can get in touch with our support team here. 

All support is included in your contract. You will be assigned a dedicated Learning Consultant at the start of your contract who will guide you through implementation, help you with any troubleshooting, recommend courses, and help you achieve your learning goals. You can learn more about the role of your Learning Consultant here

Your Learning Consultant will guide you through the implementation process, make course recommendations, provide training, and help you achieve your learning goals, and more. Learn more about their role here.

The Client Marketing Toolkit offers promotional materials to help you spread the word about our training videos in your organization. Collateral includes topic fliers to help promote training content, email templates, and more.


Every client is unique, which is why our pricing is unique. You can learn more about our pricing method here, or reach out to learn more. 

No. Even though ej4 is consistently adding new content and new features to Thinkzoom, we do not apply any automatic price increases.

No. ej4 content is hosted and maintained within the secure Amazon Web Services system. The content is accessed using SCORM files that you must purchase time-limited licenses for. Any updates to the content are the responsibility of ej4, so you can be assured that the content is fresh, accurate, and relevant.