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Thinkzoom is a user-driven learning management system. Ease of use is our top priority for your learners and admins. Our LMS is included for free when you buy our off-the-shelf content!

You start with a swift implementation and a simple set-up process. Import users, create groups, assign courses, and kick off the learning! Customize your LMS to increase learning engagement with your logo, welcome images and messages, configurable dashboard, and much more!


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ej4 - Award-Winning eLearning Authoring Tool


Authoring Tool

Create your own courses with our award-winning authoring tool that is included with Thinkzoom at no additional charge.

Record videos with screen capture and your webcam, then use our editing suite to add your final touches. Customize our off-the-shelf videos with an intro and outro.  

Training Reinforcement

Fight the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve with 4tify your Learning™, our training reinforcement tool. Available exclusively on our Thinkzoom LMS, it provides learners with the tools they need to transfer knowledge from short-term memory to long-term memory.

With a series of prompted exam questions and a video recap, 4tify keeps learning points top-of-mind to truly change behaviors and drive positive business outcomes.

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Track and Report

What does training matter without measurement and results? With our Thinkzoom LMS, not only can you see which videos your employees are watching, but you can see how well they comprehend the material with our built-in interactive exams. You can set score requirements and even provide additional student materials so they can put their knowledge to practice.

Our learning management system also has a customizable dashboard that displays the widgets of your choice including a leaderboard, top topics, total views, and more. 

Classroom Management

Our Thinkzoom LMS supports your blended-learning environment with our classroom management feature. Whether your training is instructor-led via a webinar or in a classroom, you can create courses and sessions and track attendance.

You can auto-enroll users or they can self-enroll. You can assign our off-the-shelf courses as pre-work and access our full library of student materials via the course builder. 

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Slack Integration

Thinkzoom integrates seamlessly with Slack, allowing users and administrators to easily find courses, their course requirements, course completion due dates, and what 4tify your Learning™ quizzes they need to take. 


Tools to make it your own

Learning Record Store:  Seamlessly incorporate your own training data and internal training packages into our LMS. We store your data in an industry-standard Learning Record Store (LRS). 

Competencies: We have mapped our off-the-shelf content to 36 of the Lominger Competencies.  Learners can personalize their learning experience by enrolling in one of our competency-based learning tracks

Social Learning: Learners can create their own personal network of peers in The Quad, our social learning technology. Learners can initiate friendly competition with lifetime leaderboards, knowledge sharing, and training reinforcement quizzes.

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