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Off-the-Shelf eLearning Content - ej4

In a rapidly changing world, fresh matters.

It doesn’t take long for training content to go stale. ej4 is your source for fresh, regularly updated content. We release new microlearning videos at an average rate of two a day. That includes adding new topics and updating existing ones. This keeps available content relevant, fresh, and appropriate for today’s work environments.

When eLearning content is kept up to date, you’ll find that:

  • You’re more likely to find what you need. With new content released regularly, you can be sure that our library covers topics that organizations across the board are asking for.
  • Employees take training more seriously. When you invest in quality materials with relevant content, it sends the message that training is important in your organization. Your employees and volunteers will see it as important, too.
  • The material is engaging. When employees hear content that is relevant to them, delivered by people who look and sound like they do, they will be engaged with the material. This helps retention and application of content.
  • Your people and your business will grow. As our library grows, so will your people.

Get the content you need with shorter on-demand videos.

The days of the 30- and 60- minute voice-over video are over. Few people have that kind of time.

ej4’s off-the-shelf, microlearning videos are carefully constructed to fit into the ideal run time of 5-10 minutes, with an average length of 7:12. With a short run time and only a handful of crucial learning points per video, learners absorb needed information quickly and get back to their workday.

Shorter videos also have the advantage of appealing to a wider cross-section of your workforce, not just executives. Your training can now be accessible at all levels of the organization, supporting functions from onboarding to succession planning.

Short training videos also make on-demand learning possible:

  • Line managers can look up the topics or skills they need on the spot then get back to work quickly having learned something new
  • Learners can receive training at the workplace or at home, whichever is more convenient
  • Learning happens at their pace; there’s no waiting for a seminar or training session to come around
  • Training can be customized for each individual, providing just the information needed and keeping that individual maximally engaged
  • Learning can happen literally anytime, anywhere

We challenge you to try bite-sized and on-demand. You’ll be surprised at how fast you can grow your people.


Content categories are relevant and ready to use now.

Training content works best when it reflects the needs of the modern organization. When people get the training and support they need, it grows your business.

ej4’s off-the-shelf videos are created in response to our most asked-for skill areas, including:

  • Leadership. Great leaders aren’t born; they’re made. Develop your potential leaders using our time-tested Leadership content.
  • Supervision. Managing others can be tricky. Give your managers and supervisors the skills they need to navigate their roles using our practical Supervision content.
  • Safety. Workplace safety is everybody’s responsibility. Get them to care about safety again with our engaging Safety content.
  • Workplace Compliance. All organizations must comply with state and federal regulations. Give your employees clear guidance using our straightforward Compliance content.
  • Customer Service. Happy employees provide the best customer care—if they know how. Show them the ropes with our insightful Customer Service content.
  • Health & Wellness. Healthy employees mean happy, productive places to work. Nudge them towards healthier lifestyle choices with our inspiring Health & Wellness content.

It’s not over after you’ve taken our off-the-shelf courses though. 4tify your Learning™, available exclusively on Thinkzoom, continues the training conversation long after a training session is over. For several weeks after a learner completes a course, they will be prompted to answer a series of exam questions and watch a video recap to help them retain the information they’ve learned.


“Plug and play” content that fits any organization.

Our off-the-shelf, microlearning videos fit a number of different training approaches, including individual or classroom use. They can supplement or even replace live lectures, meaning that training is not held captive to the schedule of a presenter or learning venue.

ej4 off-the-shelf videos are also designed to be consumed by a variety of different users.

ej4 understand that in addition to safety concerns, language barriers are known to hinder productivity, collaboration, customer retention, and market expansion.

Using professional translation services, ej4 offers the following closed captioning for many of its off-the-shelf courses: 

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • German
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • Portuguese
  • Thai

Another reason ej4 is dedicated to offering these accessibility features is to provide accommodation and inclusiveness to hearing impaired employees who otherwise would have limited training options.

Oh, and one more thing… our off-the-shelf content is SCORM/AICC compliant.

Whether you are a large enterprise with thousands of learning spread across several locations, or a single location trying to cover several departments, or even a not-for-profit, we have something to offer.

Helping Your Employees Find Purpose - ej4 course
Moving Up - ej4 course
Dealing with Allergies - ej4 course

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