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Fresh Content Matters

It doesn’t take long for training content to go stale. "Off-the-shelf" doesn't necessarily mean old and outdated. ej4 is your source for fresh, current content. Every month we retire, update, or release new microlearning videos. This keeps our off-the-shelf training content relevant, fresh, and appropriate for today’s modern learners.


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Benefits of Off-the-shelf Microlearning

ej4’s off-the-shelf, microlearning videos are carefully designed to fit into the ideal run time of 5-10 minutes. Learners absorb needed information quickly and get back to their workday.

Short training videos also make on-demand learning possible:

  • Training content is targeted, meaningful, and less time-consuming
  • Video delivers a consistent learning experience
  • Courses are accessible anytime, anyplace

Current and Relevant Training Topics

Internal training teams rarely have the time to create 100%  of the training they need for 100% of their employees. Our off-the-shelf library will complement your internal courses and fill the gaps you need. Some of our topics include:

  • Safety - Workplace safety is everybody’s responsibility whether in a warehouse or office.
  • Leadership - Don't limit your leadership training to a select few. Let your future leaders access our videos. 
  • Workplace Compliance - All organizations must comply with state and federal regulations. We also cover your state-specific requirements.
  • Customer Service - In a world of online reviews and social media, customer service training is even more important for everyone.
  • Health & Wellness - Employers have a new responsibility for the physical and mental health of employees during a pandemic. 



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Multiple Languages 

We offer the following closed captioning and translated transcriptions in our off-the-shelf courses: 

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • German
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • Portuguese
  • Thai

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Learn About Our Creative Approach

We use science, storytelling, symbolism, analogies, pop culture, and sometimes humor to engage your employees in our videos.
Click on the images below to hear the story behind each course.

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Understanding Harassment

OTS_Louie (1)

Turning an Internship into a Full-time Position
OTS_bicep (1)
Developing Your Strengths

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