We want to give you the info you need to compare eLearning providers. There are hundreds of companies who offer eLearning training videos and learning management systems. There are many similarities between these companies that may include: topic libraries; claims of award-winning, mobile-ready, microlearning videos; cutting-edge technology, etc. We are focusing on a few key differences. You can link to the pages below to see a side-by-side comparison with each eLearning company.

Helpful Questions to Ask Your eLearning Provider

As you compare eLearning companies, we suggest you look at several key attributes about their content and learning management system. Be sure to ask your sales representative about these.

Content Questions for Your eLearning Providers

Number of Videos and Content Administration

Is their library carefully curated?  Are there 5,000-10,000 videos that your admin will need to somehow review to create curriculum and learning paths?  Are the videos easily sorted to know which are best for employees or managers? Are they tied to competencies?

Use of Instructional Design

Do they employee instructional designers to create the scripts for the video? Are the script writers experts in training methodologies to ensure your learners actually learn?

Shelf-life of Videos

How old are the average courses? How often are they updated or retired?  How often is new content published? Is there an added cost?

Free Access to Videos on Website

Can you view any courses on their website without setting up a trial, providing an email address or speaking to a sales representative?

Student Materials

Can your learners download support materials for each course?  Do the materials include questions or exercises to support work application? Can you upload your own student materials? Is there a fee? Are they mobile-friendly?

Learning Management System Questions for Your eLearning Providers

Mobile-ready and Device Agnostic

Is your LMS accessible 365/24/7? On any device?

Interactive Quizzes and Training Reinforcement

After a course is completed are your learners tested on the content?  Do you see reporting on the quiz activity? Are additional quizzes automatically sent to your learners over the months following the course completion?

Custom Content Storage

Can you store your custom videos in their LMS? Is there an additional charge? Does it increase with volume?


Social Networking Technology

Is this an option in your LMS?  Can your learners follow other employees? Can they comment on courses?  Share courses? Message other learners? See 1:1 leaderboards?

Additional Capabilities

Custom Content Capabilities

Does your eLearning provider offer the ability to produce custom content?

Marketing Tool Kit

Does your eLearning company provide you with a marketing tool kit to support your program launch?  Does it include email templates, posters and fliers?