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At ej4, we understand you have many options when it comes to choosing an eLearning provider. This is an important decision that will affect the success of your future learning initiatives. As you compare ej4 with Grovo, you will see some key differences in our content and learning management systems (LMS). Both companies talk about microlearning, but take two very different approaches. To learn more about our approach to microlearning, sign up for a free trial with ej4 - it takes just a minute. 


ej4 Compare Grovo 2019

*This Comparison was taken in August 2019. Grovo information and feature notes were taken directly from We only publish data that we are able to verify on the website, take a screenshot, and archive. You may want to talk to your Grovo sales representative to clarify the differences.


Content Differences Between ej4 and Grovo

Definition of Microlearning Videos

At ej4, we believe that microlearning videos should be designed to fit an ideal running time of 5-10 minutes. The average length of our videos is 7:12. This length is just right, as employees get interrupted every 11 minutes, on average. (There's a whole science behind this... learn more about it in our free whitepaper!) Just right! These bite-sized courses cover a handful of key learning points per video. This focus makes it easy for learners to quickly absorb information. Compared to old-fashioned, hour-long courses, microlearning videos are more engaging, appealing, and accessible. 

Our research shows that Grovo's microlearning lessons average 60-90 seconds, making their videos seem to be more of a nibble than a bite


Shelf-Life of Video Content

Fresh matters to ej4. That's why we add new or updated courses to our video library every month, and at no additional cost to our clients. Courses in our library that have been there for more than two years are refreshed or retired. You can read more about our fresh content in this blog post

Grovo says that their content is "constant and current," but does not specify how often they update their content, or what the shelf-life of their courses is.


Free Access to Sample Videos

Videos are at the heart of what we do here at ej4. You can't make a decision about a content provider without sampling their content! That's why we offer four free sample videos for each of our 10 video categories in our video library. That's 40 full courses you can sample right from our website! You can automatically view 20 just by visiting, and you can unlock the other 20 by simply providing your email address. 

The Grovo website shows ten topic categories, and you can view one sample course in each. 


Instructional Design

At ej4, we believe instructional design is critical to the success of a learning program. That's why instructional design and adult learning theories drive the design of our videos. Our methodology is easily seen by your learners when the graphics and text in our videos reinforce what the presenter is saying. There is a science behind the pace and placement of graphics on-screen. This attention to how people learn drives increased engagement and applications of materials learned in day-to-day work. 

Grovo doesn't talk about instructional design on their website. In sampling their videos, we found the experience to be inconsistent with some portions having live presenters, other portions using voiceover, and other segments which prompt you to stop watching the video to download materials to read, then get back into the course. 


Language Offerings

In 2019, ej4 added English, Spanish, German, and French caption abilities to all new courses. The entire Workplace Compliance library includes both English and Spanish captions for all courses. This allows the viewer to toggle between captions of different languages, helping trainers meet a wider training audience. 

In our research of Grovo's content, we found no evidence of language offerings, but you may want to clarify that with your Grovo sales representative. 


Learning Management System Differences Between ej4 and Grovo

Student Materials

Every ej4 course is accompanied by student materials that the learner can easily download. These include the course description, an outline of the content, and application questions. These questions invite the learner to thoughtfully apply what they have learned. Learners can use these worksheets to proactively pitch new ideas. Managers can use them in post-learning, classroom, or team discussions. 

In our research, not all of Grovo's courses included some form of student materials. Some courses linked to externally sourced surveys and others included helpful topic guides but did not provide application questions for learners. 


Training Reinforcement

In our Thinkzoom LMS, almost all of our courses are supported by 4tify Your Learning, our exclusive training reinforcement. At the end of a video, the learner will be prompted to take a short exam covering the main learning points. Regular touchpoints via email will continue two days, two weeks, two months, and four months after a learner has completed a video course. This includes interactive quiz prompts and video recaps emailed directly to the learner. These touchpoints support strong content recall, application in the workplace, and further supports your learning objectives. 

In our research of Grovo, we did not find any training reinforcement after the initial training video was complete. 


Social Networking Technology

ej4's social learning technology, The Quad, is a fun (and sometimes competitive!) way to engage your learners with their peers. This special area of our Thinkzoom LMS allows employees to connect and share with their work friends. This feature allows users to share videos and comments with one another, or engage in a little friendly competition to earn more points for courses watched and quizzes taken. All of this makes the learning experience more engaging and entertaining. 

There was no mention of social learning technologies on Grovo's platform. 


Authoring Tool

ej4 offers an award-winning video creation tool when you use Thinkzoom, our LMS. You can customize our off-the-shelf training videos by recording an open and a close, or you can produce an entire video of your own custom-branded content. This is included for free with Thinkzoom and on our free trial. Many companies license their own authoring tools and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for them. With ej4, it's included. 

Grovo does offer an authoring tool, but it is unknown if it comes at an additional cost. You may want to clarify with them.


Why ej4?

Our eLearning solutions help to positively change behaviors without boring your learners into a training-induced nap. We continually provide your learners with training reinforcement to help their training stick, and provide you with dedication and support to providing your learners the best training every day. We're here to close the gap between potential and results. Hear from a few of our happy clients for proof! We'd be honored to add you to our list. 


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