Not sure if you want to work directly with ej4, or get our content from BizLibrary? We're here to help you with your decision. ej4 works with an exclusive network of resellers, including BizLibrary, who specialize in their own learning technology and partner with other providers for eLearning video content.

If you have found both ej4 and BizLibrary in your search for an eLearning provider, you're already in excellent shape because both are "best-in-class" solutions. Still, we would love to have you as a direct client. If you haven't signed up for a free trial with ej4, we encourage you to do so! Here are a few differences that may help you with your decision: 


Compare BizLibrary with ej4 

*This Comparison was taken in August 2019. BizLibrary information and feature notes were taken directly from We only publish data that we are able to verify on the website, take a screenshot and archive. You may want to talk to your BizLibrary sales representative to clarify the differences.

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Content Differences Between ej4 and BizLibrary

Both ej4 and BizLibrary offer various libraries of eLearning video training content. Since we create our own off-the-shelf compliance and business skills videos, we believe there are some important differences in our offerings. 


Video Content

When it comes to our video library, ej4 likes to take the "just enough" approach to content so that your learners can find the most useful, actionable training materials. With approximately 1,500 videos organized by topic area, our library is accessible and manageable to learners and admins alike. An overwhelming library can be difficult to navigate and manage, so we've made ours "just right." We regularly review, refresh and update our content and retire content that is no longer relevant. Every month you'll find new or refreshed videos in our library. Creating learning content is our passion and we take great pride in the quality, relevance, and effectiveness of our training videos.

BizLibrary boasts a collection of thousands of video lessons and courses. They say they add 1,000+ videos every year, but do not clarify if they retire or update existing content. 

At ej4, we believe that training content has a shelf-life. Learn more about it in our post, Fresh Content Matters, Here's Why


Consistent Learning Experience and Video Style

By producing all of our video content in-house and here at ej4, your learners get a consistent learning experience. Our award-winning videos have a unique style that features creative and unexpected design elements, engaging and live-on-camera hosts, music, sound effects, and even humor (when appropriate)! 

BizLibrary works with many different content providers, and they all have their own approach to video design. This means your learners won't receive a consistent learning experience. At ej4, we believe consistency is key to effective learning. 


Instructional Design

Every aspect of ej4 videos is designed with adult learning theories in mind. The length of our courses (average of 7:12), the viewer's learning style (audio, visual, reading/writing), and the graphic design of our videos (unexpected, engaging graphics) are all thought-out elements. ej4's experts follow our own proprietary design methodology based on sound instructional design. 

This goes back to the importance of providing a consistent learning experience. Since BizLibrary works with so many content providers, it's unclear whether or not every single course is based on instructional design. We know it does for ej4! It's tested, proven, and consistent.



7:12 is the average length of our training videos. Our videos are designed to inform the learner with useful information while holding their attention, but not drag them away from their work for too long. On average, employees get interrupted every 11 minutes. That doesn't leave a lot of time to finish a training video without distraction. Our videos are designed to fit in that window and provide just the right amount of concepts to learn. Learn more about our methodology in our whitepaper, "The Science of Microlearning."  

BizLibrary offers training courses in a variety of formats and not all of their training videos are microlearning. 


Content Administration

The expert team at ej4 puts their heart and soul into creating and curating our library of content to make sure you don't spend your valuable time search through a crowded library with multiple iterations of the same course. Our courses are sorted into 36 of the Lominger competencies with our "Tracks" feature, which comes built-in to our LMS. Learners can be assigned to a track, or simply enroll themselves in one to develop new skills. We provide "just enough" courses that are "just right" so content administration is easy and lets you get back to your more important job responsibilities. Our improved search functionality puts the most relevant content up front for you. Find the courses, topics, and tracks you need quickly and easily.

BizLibrary has thousands of videos to administer and it's unclear how easy it is to review the courses to create your groups for employees and managers. For example, if there are seven different courses on conflict management, how do you know which one is more useful and relevant to your learners? How do you know which one is the most up-to-date? Chances are, you will have to watch all seven of those courses to find the right one for you. We doubt your schedule has the free time for all that work!

That's why ej4 curates our library for you. If you need a course on conflict management, you'll find just the right one. And, if we update that course, we'll remove any old versions from our campus so you aren't bogged down by different iterations of the same subject. 


Learning Management System Differences Between ej4 and BizLibrary

BizLibrary partners with ej4 to provide content for their learning technology, but ej4 also offers Thinkzoom, our own learning management system (LMS). Here are a few differences between our LMS features. 


Access to Free Trial

With ej4, signing up for a trial is quick, easy, and free! Our 15-day free trial is full-featured, including full-library access, and the ability to add up to nine users to your trial campus. Simply provide your first and last name, your company email address, and name your campus (for example, and hit enter. You'll be greeted with a welcome video and an introductory email to help you set up your password. Once you log in, you'll have full access to 100% of our features! We don't require a credit card and don't require you to speak with a sales rep before your trial begins. 

BizLibrary also offers free trials. Their form includes a few more fields than ours. 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Work Email
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • Company Size
  • Country
  • What brings you to BizLibrary?
  • Agree to be contacted by email?

Once you complete the form, someone from BizLibrary will contact you about how to get started with your free trial. They don't require a credit card either. 


LMS Pricing

When you license content from ej4, you automatically gain complete access to Thinkzoom, our learning management system, for free! This includes the ability to create groups, upload your own content, see reporting, have a dedicated learning consultant, access a client marketing toolkit, training reinforcement, certificates, badges, student materials for your learners, and social learning technology! All features are included, 100%. Even our free trial gives you access to all these features. 

BizLibrary offers three levels of access for their technology. Learning Portal, Content Management, and Learning Management.


Custom Content Storage

If you have your own training videos, you can store them in Thinkzoom (our LMS) at no additional charge.

BizLibrary offers the ability to add custom courses in their 2nd and 3rd technology feature levels, Content Management and Learning Management. 


Recording Tool

ej4 offers an award-winning video creation tool when you use Thinkzoom, our LMS. You can customize our off-the-shelf training videos by recording an open and a close, or you can produce an entire video of your own custom-branded content. This is included for free with Thinkzoom and on our free trial. Many companies license their own authoring tools and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for them. With ej4, it's included. 

Our research found that BizLibrary doesn't offer a recording tool, but you may want to clarify with them. 


Why ej4?

At ej4, we recognize that as a client, you're giving us access to your most valuable assets: your employees. We take that responsibility very seriously and strive to earn your trust every day. Our own employees actively engage on Thinkzoom and take our own courses. We challenge ourselves to grow every day so our skills, service, and products are cutting edge. 

At the end of the day, it's all about positive results for you. Our tagline says it best: People Grow Business. We Grow People.

To learn more about our platform and training content, sign up for a 15-day, full-featured, full-library free trial of our Thinkzoom LMS