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Our vision is to ignite employees' full potential 

Our mission is to provide a unique learning experience to employees by delivering the unexpected in modern content and technology


ej4 is a leading eLearning provider of training videos that employees want to watch.

In 2004, ej4 was founded with the goal of replacing long, boring, and ineffective training. We offer creative, short, video-based eLearning that can be viewed anytime, anywhere. We don’t want to replace trainers and instructors. We want to work with you to ignite the potential in your employees.

Do your employees roll their eyes when you launch a new training course? Is that eye-roll accompanied by a groan? We hear you. Our courses are different. They are creative, engaging, and sometimes funny. Our unique style combines traditional instructional design with adult learning theories. They are delivered via the contemporary video design your learners expect.

That’s what the 4 Js in our name stands for. Our content is just as needed, just enough, just in time, and just right.

We also offer a unique learning experience with our modern LMS, Thinkzoom. It’s simple and intuitive. It offers access to training at any time, on any device. And when you purchase our off-the-shelf content, you get our LMS free!



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ej4 and You 

ej4 is all about helping our clients grow. It’s about rescuing employees from hours of boring training. It’s why we are excited to come into the office every day. We are nimble and flexible and can work with you and your different needs. We are not your typical eLearning provider. 

You might be looking for better content to plug into your current LMS and energize your existing training... No problem! Check out some of our videos.

Maybe your company has finally gotten big enough that it is time for your first LMS. Or maybe it’s time to trade in your old, clunky, out-dated LMS. Let’s talk about Thinkzoom


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