Employee Training on Coronavirus Precautions and Pandemic Planning

Watch our courses, or download below, to help alleviate some of the fears around the coronavirus as well as learn about tips on planning for a pandemic.


Coronavirus Precautions and Prevention

Common Sense Hygiene
Stay Calm, Stay Informed

Planning for a Pandemic

Preparing for a Pandemic
Internal Communication
External Communication
Illness in the Office
Business Continuity

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Coronavirus Precautions


Coronavirus Prevention Quick Tips

Stop Touching Your Face
How to Wash Your Hands
When to Wash Your Hands
How to Sanitize Your Workspace
How to Quarantine Yourself
How to Clean Your Cell Phone
How to Cover Coughs and Sneezes
How to Verify News Stories
Flatten the Curve with Social Distancing
Pandemic Terms
How to Avoid Getting Scammed During Coronavirus Outbreak
How to Host a Meeting During the Coronavirus Pandemic
How to Properly Wear a Mask
Steps to Safely Get Groceries
How to Ensure Your Mail and Packages are Clean

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