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Our safety training for employees helps you meet training requirements and teaches your employees how to handle on-the-job risks



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Hazard Communication: Labeling

We all depend on labels for our safety. We need to ensure that labels are at all times accurate and compliant. We review label standards, use, and exceptions, so you can be certain that you're doing your part.


Back Smarts

Our goal in this program is to help you prevent back injuries by being aware of your posture, thinking about how you’re going to move before you move, staying fit, and visiting a doctor as soon as the slightest back pain occurs.



Forklift Safety: Introduction to Forklifts

Knowing the fronts, backs, ins and outs, upside downs and right side ups of forklifts is vital to doing your job effectively and, most importantly, safely. In this course, you’ll be introduced to some forklift basics, including the types of forklifts, the power sources they use, and their parts.


What is OSHA?

When learning about workplace safety, the term “OSHA” is used frequently. That’s because the purpose of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is to keep workers safe. In this course, we’ll learn more about this entity and its very important mission.


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