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Equip your retail workers to face the challenges of the pandemic with training on conflict management, handling feedback, and more.



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Why Retail Conflict Management?

This series isn’t just about acknowledging the current climate and the pressure this puts on both customers and you. This series is designed to help you understand your role in reducing the conflicts that might come from this high-tension time.


Working in Retail: How to Handle Feedback

Feedback is a gift. If you’re lucky, your customers are giving you feedback. Feedback tells you what you’re doing well and what you’re not doing well. And since you’re striving to give exceptional customer service, you want to receive feedback, both good and bad.



Retail Conflict Management: Preparation and Scenarios

When you know your company policies, what difficult scenarios might arise, and how to handle them ahead of time, you’ll be better-positioned to respond in the appropriate manner. So let’s talk about ways you can be prepared for difficult situations that might arise at work.


Retail Profitability Model: Introduction

In this course, we introduce you to the Retailer Profitability Model, or RPM. This model breaks down the individual parts of a retailer’s operating expenses and revenue. In this first course, we’ll give you a brief overview of RPM and some common vocabulary that you’ll run into throughout the series.

Why ej4 for Retail Training Videos?

Being a successful retail employee requires juggling a lot of different skills. You have to be a clear, confident communicator, a conflict resolver, and a positive advocate of your brand to ultimately push sales. Our Retail Training Videos help provide retail sales employees with all of those skills and more to help foster positive customer interactions and create employees who represent their brand well. 


Additional Retail Training Topics

Check out some more retail training topics below!

  • Maintaining Control
  • Understanding Stress
  • How to Upsell
  • How to Give Exceptional Customer Service
  • How to Stay Positive with Customers
  • Who is Your Customer?
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • and more!

Additional Resources


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Our Retail Training Topics

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