United Electric Supply Testimonial

Learning solutions that energize training among their employees

United Electric Supply initially approached ej4 looking for content, but eventually saw the capabilities of the Thinkzoom learning platform and incorporated both as a new training initiative for their employees. After implementation, their employees quickly took to the short-form content, the subject matter and the overall aesthetics of the courses. United Electric Supply's learning administrators like how easy Thinkzoom is to manage and understand the effectiveness that Thinkzoom's 4tify your Learning™ has as a learning reinforcement tool for their learners.



Bob Cox, Manager of Talent at United Electric Supply


Here's more about the benefits United Electric Supply experiences with our services:


Content That Checks All The Boxes

United Electric Supply knew what ej4 content would accomplish with their learners: Content that is on-demand, delivered in short snippets, and keeps the learner's attention.


4tify your Learning™ Becomes Great Asset

United Electric Supply learners enjoy the benefits of the Thinkzoom exclusive feature, 4tify your Learning™. As a series of follow-up exams for certain courses, learners have a way to more easily transfer that knowledge from short-term memory to long-term memory.


Increase in Self-Directed Learning

Employees proactively engaged with management to identify additional courses to take beyond those assigned so they could further their personal development.


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