Thinkzoom Checklist

A recipe for eLearning success




To help you get the most out of your Thinkzoom LMS and content trial, we have put together this handy checklist for you. Follow these steps to make sure you hit all the great features Thinkzoom has to offer: 

  • Confirm your account via email
    • The email will come from
    • This is where you'll set your password for your Thinkzoom account
  • Watch a full course and then take the exam
    • In two days, you will receive a refresher quiz. This gives you the chance to sample our training reinforcement, 4tify your Learning
    • Continue to watch as many courses as you'd like... you have access to all of them!
  • Search our course catalog for courses, topics, and tracks
    •  You can pick and choose videos from any topic to make your own video group
  • Explore "Tracks," a Lominger's Competencies-based learning tool 
ej4 Thinkzoom Checklist - Tracks
  • Add a logo or picture to customize the page to your company
ej4 Thinkzoom Checklist - Custom Logo
  • Add up to nine coworkers to your Thinkzoom campus to simulate integrating employees
    • This feature helps you see what an implementation would be like (on a small scale, of course) and how to integrate employees into the system. Be sure to invite these new users to groups from your dashboard. They will not see the video groups you see unless you specifically invite them
    • Inviting coworkers to your Thinkzoom trial is a good way to have peers review the eLearning content, try out the social learning technology in The Quad, and provide data to run sample reports based on their course views
  • Give a minimum of one other user administrative privileges
    • Found under "User Administration", by editing the user's profile and assigning privileges you allow another user (or users) have the same administrative privileges as you, such as adding content, setting due dates, and creating groups

ej4 Thinkzoom Checklist - Admin Permissions
  • Customize content
    • Found under "Course Builder"
    • Record your very own video course using our award-winning authoring tool, upload your own content to our LMS, assign classroom training, and more!
    • Upload videos, documents, PowerPoint presentations, or PDF files
      • Take the content you uploaded and add it to one of our existing courses

ej4 Thinkzoom Checklist - Course Builder


  • Modify courses and exam questions found under "edit" option on each video
    • This features lets you edit exam questions for the training reinforcement quizzes
  • Make a group of videos "required" for your users
    • Under the admin function within groups, you can "add activity" to make a course required. You can even specify that the course be required once a year and have a reoccurring notification

ej4 Thinkzoom Checklist - Assigning Groups


  • Create your own custom user engagement report
    • Found under "Reports", you can build custom reports that create excel spreadsheets of when users took a course and what they scored on the exam
    • Under "Charts", modify date ranges to create visual representations of your user engagement
ej4 Thinkzoom Checklist - Reports


If you decide you would like to use Thinkzoom as your LMS, any users added, activities done, or changes made during your trial will be in your company's campus.

Now that you've got a good idea on how to navigate Thinkzoom, it's time to take it for a test drive. Click the link below to sign up for a free 15-day trial and get unlimited access to Thinkzoom's features and all of our content.


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