Employees Returning to Work After Quarantine


Returning to work will no doubt be an emotional experience of getting to reconnect with colleagues, but also comes with uncertainty. These courses will help employees manage that process and provide them with some hope and guidance to successfully integrate themselves back into office life. 

  • Connecting with Colleagues 
  • Navigating New Organizational Structures 
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • The Emotions of Returning to Work 
  • How to Handle a Lack of Organizational Transparency
  • Taking Remote Work Lessons Into the Office
  • Remote Work as a Way of Working
  • Post COVID-19 Career Planning

Connecting with Colleagues

Remote Work as a Way of Working

Managers Returning to Work After Quarantine


Managers, much like employees, will be dealing with many of the same emotions of returning to the office. But they also have to help guide their employees, spread positivity, and create a culture of transparency. These courses will help prepare them for this unique management challenge.  


  • Creating a Culture of Transparency
  • Managing the Whole Person
  • Guiding Teams Through Stress
  • Sharing Workplace Challenges
  • Spreading Positivity
  • Handling Employee Reviews and Raises
  • Embracing Remote Work
  • Guide Your Team Back to In-Office Work

Guiding Teams Through Stress

Embracing Remote Work

Leadership Returning to Work After Quarantine


The leadership team will be who everyone looks up to on the return back into the office. Help them learn to create a culture of gratitude and transparency, as well as effective ways to communicate with the company and clients in these courses. 

  • Evaluating Remote Work & Flexible Schedule Policies
  • Creating a Culture of Transparency
  • Creating a Culture of Gratitude
  • Reconnecting with Clients
  • Company-Wide Communication Strategies
  • How to Structure Your Teams Return to the Office
  • Organizational Culture & Values
  • Social Distancing and Business Strategy Considerations
  • Evaluating How You Fared with Risk and Crisis Management

Reconnecting with Clients

How to Structure Your Team's Return to the Office


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