Preparing Organizations for the New Age of Diversity

Learn to develop diversity initiatives that go beyond mere compliance in this whitepaper. Learn about:

  • How workplace diversity benefits are seen through multiple studies
  • What kind of diversity organizations should aim for
  • The importance of diversity to employee retention and development

Executive Summary

Of all the challenges a modern HR department runs into, diversity tops the list as one of the most discussed and most well as one of the most misunderstood and anxiety-provoking. 

There's no need, then, to write yet another whitepaper or research brief on the benefits of diversity. It's been done (though we do review some of that more recent research here). What we feel is needed is a plan for managing the diversity in your organization.

Helping you formulate that plan is the true goal of this whitepaper. It is somewhat modular on purpose: Different sections will be useful to different people, depending on how much commitment to diversity is already part of your organization's "DNA." But there will be something here for everyone. Even professionals whose companies have a diversity program in place might find something new and enlightening...if you truly are open to diverse ways of thinking. 

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What do the stats say?

A study from Harvard Business Review found that in companies with "2-D" diversity (i.e. diversity of both inherent traits, like race, and acquired traits, like skills) were 45 percent more likely to report that their market share grew over the previous year, and 70 percent more likely to report that they captured a new market. 

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