Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Training Topics

Provide your employees with proper diversity and inclusion training. Check out a variety of our training topics below!


Online Diversity and Inclusion Training

Help create a safe environment for your employees and your organization with our diversity and inclusion training topics. Our bundle includes important training on anti-racism, understanding what isms are, learning about privilege and unconscious bias, and a host of other key themes. Check out some of the course titles we have to offer below.

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Some of Our Diversity and Inclusion Training Topics

Developing Your Culture
  • People First
  • Creating Civility in the Workplace: Everyone's Responsibility

Cross-Cultural Considerations

  • What is Culture?
  • What is Your Culture?
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Workplace Basics
  • The Concept of Time

LGBTQ in the Workplace

  • Understanding Pronouns
  • Supporting a Transitioning Employee for Managers
  • Supporting a Transitioning Coworker
  • Gender Identity vs. Sexual Orientation
  • Coming Out at Work


  • What is Neurodiversity?
  • Misconceptions About Neurodiversity
  • Working With Neurodiverse People
Workplace Culture
  • Leadership of a Diverse Group
  • Avoiding Discrimination: 5 Keys
  • Diversifying Your Leadership Team
  • Tokenism
  • Microaggressions


  • The Anti-Racism Continuum
  • Colorblindness Doesn't Work
  • Calling In and Calling Out
  • Learning to Listen and Listening to Learn
  • Maintaining Momentum
  • Diversity-Focused Recruitment
  • Mitigating Bias
  • Creating and Implementing Policy
  • Allyship
  • Maintaining Momentum for Leaders
  • Evaluating Your Organization


  • Exploring Isms in the Workplace
  • Overcoming Isms in the Workplace
  • Avoiding Isms in the Workplace


  • What is Privilege?
  • Privilege Scenarios
  • Using Your Privilege

Unconscious Bias

  • What is Unconscious Bias?
  • Types of Unconscious Bias
  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Working Well with Everyone

  • What is Diversity?
  • The Diversity Continuum
  • The Mistake of Stereotyping
  • The Power of Inclusion
  • Diversity = Greatness

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