Our Team

We've put a lot of effort into building the best team. Check out what community means to us.


Leadership is not a title or position, but a habit. Here are the people who make ej4 better daily.

Ryan Eudy
Chief Executive Officer
Get to know "the real" Ryan
"Hates to lose"
• I once traveled to China for two days
• I've caddied on the Celebrity Golf Tour
• I am super competitive

Since joining ej4 in 2005, Ryan has operated in every facet of the business. It is this experience that Ryan utilizes to manage ej4’s daily operations. Ryan offers innovative solutions and has a unique understanding of matching client needs with the right performance improvement tools to change targeted behaviors.

Ryan is fiercely competitive and incredibly fast. If you can beat him in Ping-Pong we will knock 10% off your contract.

Tom Lynch
Chief Technology Officer
Get to know "the real" Tom
"Shhhh, he's coding"
• My first website was created on GeoCities in 1998
• I was a contestant on an internet game show called Gold Rush
• When I retire from programming, I want to be a farmer

Tom started as the first developer of the ej4 platform in 2004. Since then, Tom has developed multiple versions of ej4, countless Client versions, eCommerce solutions, and the new knowledge-sharing platform, Thinkzoom. His passion and focus on technology have helped keep ej4 in the forefront of video-based technology and communication platforms.

As most CTO’s are, Tom is driven by the latest techno gadget. Be careful, he will mock your old phone.

Karen Marino
VP of Sales
Get to know "the real" Karen
"Country girl at heart"
• I have taken in 12 stray dogs. (so far and not all at one time!)
• My friends refer to me as Martha Stewart
• I am obsessed with the Food Network

Karen’s passion for adding value to organizations is her focus with ej4’s learning solution. As an experienced sales leader and business partner, Karen leads the ej4 sales, support and marketing teams to deliver just in time training programs to employees. Her goal is to share her excitement about ej4’s solution with the world.

What’s your favorite course? Karen has a new one every week.

Kathy Irish
Director of Operations
Get to know "the real" Kathy
"Resident pastry chef"
• Voted Best Laugh and Best Smile in High School
• I am an avid baker
• I hate shopping

Kathy joined ej4 in 2007 as our first Instructional Designer. She has over 15 years’ experience in Human Resource Management, Training and Organizational Development. In addition to managing and planning ej4’s yearly new content development, Kathy also oversees all the production on updates (both legal and style-wise) to current off-the-shelf content.

Kathy can reach just about anything in a 10 foot radius. Need to dust off that training manual from the top shelf? Kathy can reach it and then transform it into a great training series.

Paul Russell
Get to know "the real" Paul
"Jet Setter extraordinaire"
• I have been fired twice in my life. I probably should have been fired four times.
• I have visited 119 countries. More to come
• I lost 80 pounds and kept it off by cutting carbs and walking a lot

Paul Russell is founder and sole owner of ej4. Coupling broadcast television experience with leader-led training as principal at Russell Training Group, Inc., he re-engineered multi-day seminar learning into low-cost, on-line, curriculum-based, short-form, green-screen video learning.

In his spare time, Paul travels the globe and has hit over 100 countries. Go ahead, ask him his favorite place.

Chris Scherting
Director of Marketing
Get to know "the real" Chris
• I worked on a cruise ship for a year out of college and travelled the west coast of north America through the Panama Canal and into the lower Caribbean.
• I watch a lot of TV, Netflix, etc, so we probably have a show in common we can talk about.
• I can still do a cartwheel.

Core Team

The more smoothly we run, the better we serve you. Here are the people who make that happen.

Adam Lendowski
Account Executive
Get to know "the real" Adam
• 2x NCAA Track & Field All-American in the Decathlon and current school record holder.
• Avid Chess, Risk, and Monopoly enthusiast. One of the three founding members of a college Monopoly club.
• Originally hailing from Milwaukee, WI. Adam is an unofficial Historian and Tour Guide of the Brew City.
Adam Bowen
Sr. Application Developer
Get to know "the real" Adam
• It took me four years to realize I was just getting a Math degree because I liked the pretty pictures.
• Despite starting off with the original 151, my favorite Pokémon is Feraligatr.
• Lately, I feel like most of my free time is spent looking at pictures of chickens on Instagram.
Adam Swisher
Sales Executive
Get to know "the real" Adam
• I was once a member of the US ProMiniGolf Association. That's right... I was a Putt-Putt Pro.
• In the 6th grade, I was part of an ensemble dramatic interpretation of Styx "Mr. Roboto" for the school talent show. It rocked.
• One of the most amazing things I've seen is the 9th century Borobudur Buddhist temple in Java, Indonesia.
Akta Bradshaw
Graphic Designer
Get to know "the real" Akta
• I was born in Zambia, Africa.
• I grew up in a motel that my parents owned.
• Beyoncé is my spirit animal.
Amy Grojean
Art Director
Get to know "the real" Amy
• I was goth in high school and I'm still goth on the inside.
• I hate the color purple, but The Color Purple is my favorite movie.
• In retirement, I hope to run a feline ranch somewhere in the South.
Chris Bingham
Video Editor
Get to know "the real" Chris
• Though learned to fly as a kid, I'm deathly afraid of heights
• Was electrocuted and survived
• Played on a amateur paintball team
Cole Hieronymus
Studio Manager
Get to know "the real" Cole
• I directed my first Short Film in 2015 and it was accepted into SLIFF.
• I've lost 75 pounds, without a day in the gym, lots of fruits and veggies.
• I enjoy thrift shopping, reading, meditating, and Astronomy.
Ellen Ziegler
Learning Consultant
Get to know "the real" Ellen
• I completed the Dopey Challenge - which is 4 races, a 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon in 4 days and a total of 48.6 miles.
• I am on the board of the Young Friends Leadership Council for St. Louis Public Radio.
• I love movie trivia and have been called "EMDB" for Ellen Movie Database.
Emily Koehler
Marketing Coordinator
Get to know "the real" Emily
• I lived in Paris for four months to study at a French university (and to eat lots of croissants and cheese).
• I met Carly Rae Jepsen at a bar in New York City.
• If you can't find me, I'm either at a coffee shop, the Art Museum, or IKEA.
Jamie Wagner
Campus Administrator
Get to know "the real" Jamie
• I used to sing in a band and also played the drums for several years.
• I worked as a radio DJ in St. Louis after college.
• I have an alter ego named Nancy Carbuncle.
John Bick
Sales Executive
Get to know "the real" John
• I have run the Chicago (2x), New York, and Marine Corp Marathons.
• I am very lucky when it comes to claw machines.
• I once had dinner with Lamar Hunt.
Josh Dayan
Application Developer
Get to know "the real" Josh
• I have two dogs. One is 9 pounds and the other is 90 pounds.
• I used to play collegiate Ultimate Frisbee.
• I prefer salty over sweet.
Katelyn Heying
Graphic Designer
Get to know "the real" Katelyn
• I’m so laid back that I’m practically lying down
• Restaurants always mess up my order
• I don't like hugs
Kelly Elliott
Campus Administrator
Get to know "the real" Kelly
• I worked at Canyon Ranch, which is a world-renowned spa with celebrity clientele.
• I started a snow ski club at my high school, which sits in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.
• I am in the movie "Boys on the Side" (Drew Barrymore, Whoopi Goldberg), and was actually paid $300 for my appearance.
Kyle O'Brien
Marketing Technologist
Get to know "the real" Kyle
• My Science Fair project came in 3rd place.
• I trained my dog to open and close the fridge.
• My favorite spot in the world is the Cliffs of Moher
Louie Scherting
Head of Bark-eting
Get to know "the real" Louie
• I am a shih tzu mix rescue.
• I love my job in employee relations and as trash inspector.
• I only go #2 on walks, not in my own yard.
Maggie Boor
Sales Executive
Get to know "the real" Maggie
• People think I look like Amanda Seyfried.
• When I worked at the World Aquarium, I walked Sassy the raccoon around for his exercise.
• I am a huge Cardinals fan.
Mandy Owen
Project Manager
Get to know "the real" Mandy
• I have a twin brother. No, we are not identical, it doesn't usually work that way.
• My fiancé and I are perfecting our juggling tricks. We hope to join the circus within a year.
• My cat, Zelda, follows me around begging for Asiago bread.
Marie Jowett
Matt Mullins
Graphic Designer
Get to know "the real" Matt
• I hustle wheel thrown pottery that I hand craft.
• The worst thing I ever did was run a 100 mile race.
• I always buy Legos for my kids but they are really for me.
Melissa Schmidt
Graphic Designer
Get to know "the real" Melissa
• I enjoy cooking, and love trying new yet simple recipes.
• I danced competitively for 14 years, and wanted to be a choreographer when I was younger.
• I used to play the piano, and had Fur Elise memorized. I don’t remember it now, but I can still play a mean rendition of “Heart and Soul.”
Michelle Nutting
Script Writer
Get to know "the real" Michelle
• I can name all the 50 states and their capitals in under 6 minutes.
• In 2013, I ran San Francisco's "Bay to Breakers" footrace with a GoPro attached to me.
• I've moved 6 times, in the last 5 years, to 4 different states.
Pete Nelson
Creative Director
Get to know "the real" Pete
• I am a trained opera singer.
• I played tennis professionally for 3 years.
• I lie about myself on a regular basis.
Renee Steinkuhler
Account Executive
Get to know "the real" Renee
• Has 3 children, 2 successfully off the payroll and one on her way!
• Huge dog lover, have 3 at home- Jefferee, Louie and Stanley (we love people names for dogs)
• Biggest accomplishment besides my kids- completing the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco
Scott McKenzie
Channel Sales Director
Get to know "the real" Scott
• Interests: My 3 Shetland Sheepdogs and Vexillology (study of flags).
• I played lacrosse in high school and college and I still play for the “Rusty Bones” lacrosse club.
• I received a proclamation from the Governor of New Hampshire for organizing community service programs.
Sean Gaffney
Sales Executive
Get to know "the real" Sean
• I played Division III collegiate soccer.
• I love to snowboard in the winter and wakeboard in the summer.
• I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and playing golf.
Thorsten Fraley
Studio Manager
Get to know "the real" Thorsten
• I still like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, even in my thirties.
• I was once in an Applebee's Commercial
• I love dogs.