Financial Literacy Training Topics

Gain better perspective on a host of financial literacy themes such as checking accounts, loans, credit history, identity theft and more in this topic.



Financial Literacy Training Courses

Do you know what affects your credit history? What about the fine print in most checking or loan agreements? This topic can help you get a better grasp of some of the more complex financial themes that you'll come across in your life.

Check out all of the available topics in our Financial Literacy training topic below.

Financial Literacy course - Why We Save


Our Financial Literacy Training Topics


  • Checking 101
  • Understanding the Fine Print
  • Checking Skills
  • Online and Mobile Banking
  • Selecting the Right Checking Account


  • Savings 101
  • Why We Save
  • How to Save
  • Maximize Your Savings
  • Selecting the Right Savings Account

Types of Credit

  • Credit 101
  • Having Credit Cards as a Young Adult
  • How Credit Cards Work
  • Credit Card Fine Print
  • Selecting a Credit Card
  • Loan Fundamentals
  • Understanding Student Loans
  • Understanding Auto Loans
  • Understanding Home Loans

Managing Credit

  • Why You Need Credit
  • Your Credit History
  • How to Read a Credit Report
  • Understanding Credit Scores
  • Identity Theft
  • Debt Management
  • Avoiding Credit Problems

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