St. Louis, MO (March 12, 2020) - In response to the WHO classifying COVID-19 as a pandemic, ej4 is offering new training content to help clients inform their employees about what coronavirus is, and how they can take precautionary measures to prepare for a pandemic situation. In addition, they are making this content available for free on YouTube and their own ej4 website to the general public and businesses.

"With the world preparing for COVID-19, we made the decision to offer our training content for free. Our goal has always been to provide companies with content that is relevant and timely," says Ryan Eudy, CEO. "Businesses are struggling, employees are scared. We want to do our part to help ease the uncertainty as we navigate through this pandemic."

In addition to creating a five-part series on Pandemic Planning and five-part series Precautions and Prevention of Coronavirus, ej4 has created a playlist on YouTube on coronavirus prevention tips that includes several short videos that apply to businesses and the general public. These courses include topics such as "How to Wash Your Hands," "How to Stop Touching Your Face," "How to Sanitize Your Workspace," and "How to Quarantine Yourself" with more content coming as the situation evolves.

"I am incredibly proud of our company for creating such great content and offering it for free to the public. Looking back two weeks ago when we started creating this content, none of us knew how bad it was going to get," says Kathy Irish, Vice President of Operations at ej4. "We proactively created this content for our clients and now more people will have access to it."

To learn more about ej4's coronavirus training content, visit or contact them at

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