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ej4 Announces New Features in Award-Winning LMS Thinkzoom

By ej4 on Dec 18, 2017 12:36:12 PM

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ej4 News and Press - ej4 Announces New Features in Award-Winning LMS Thinkzoom

St. Louis, MO (December 18, 2017) - ej4, a leading provider in online video training solutions, has announced several improvements to its award-winning Learning Management System, Thinkzoom. The goal of the changes is to provide seamless, user-friendly training experiences for learners.  These changes come following a year of dramatic improvements and additions to the training platform including the launch of Competency-Based Learning Tracks, The Quad, and Advanced Reporting Features.

The latest changes provide more tools for users to engage with the video training content as they learn. The features being introduced include a larger video player and tools such as note taking, transcripts, and immediate course feedback. “The goal of these changes is to make the content more engaging to learners. Having the video fill the screen without having to enter “full screen mode” creates higher engagement. The fact that you can interact with other things on the screen and still see the video helps maintain that engagement,” says Chief Technology Officer, Tom Lynch.

One of the most requested new features is the addition of a transcript to each video. This tool allows learners to read along with videos as they play or search for specific content within a video. “For me, reading along helps me retain what I’m learning,” says Lynch. “All of these improvements are centered around creating better engagement with the videos, keeping learners involved, and making sure they are getting the information they need.”

Users of the Thinkzoom LMS will experience other new features including…

  • Immediate feedback on courses using a like/dislike rating system
  • Note taking functionality that allows the creation, editing, and sharing of notes on each video
  • User-friendly organization of pre-existing functions within the LMS

These latest improvements to the Thinkzoom LMS continue to make ej4 an innovator in the eLearning industry by providing engaging video training solutions designed with learners in mind.


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