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ej4 Announces Enhancements to Thinkzoom

By ej4 on Sep 12, 2016 4:06:07 PM

ej4 News and Press - ej4 Announces Enhancements to Thinkzoom

ej4 Announces Enhancements to Innovative Video Platform
Thinkzoom continues to be a leader among LMS competitors

SAINT LOUIS, MO (September 12, 2016)- Leading the path for interactive eLearning technology, ej4, one of the largest eLearning content providers in the U.S., announces its release of several enhancements to its video training platform, Thinkzoom. This platform, introduced in 2014, has transformed the way that companies think about training by making eLearning a collaborative and engaging experience rather than a monotonous, solo tool for workplace education.

As our world becomes increasingly fast-paced and visual, companies and organizations now more than ever possess the responsibility of providing employees with quick, up-to-date, and engaging training. ej4’s Thinkzoom platform meets all these requirements; it provides a fun and interesting way to gain knowledge in an efficient and effective manner.

One way Thinkzoom does this is with its many interactive gamification features. Leaderboards and achievement badges create a sense of competition among users within a company. These tools show progress and participation, motivating those who often lack purpose. Built-in interactive exams also create purposeful involvement.

Another way Thinkzoom is changing the traditional image of training is by offering executives and leadership to have more control to customize what their employees are learning. An award-winning video recorder tool allows administrators to personalize ej4’s Off-the-Shelf training videos by adding unique messaging that tailors the courses to their unique needs.

“We can only become the best at something when we invest 100 percent in our people,” said ej4 CEO, Ryan Eudy. “With these new Thinkzoom features, our customers can do just that in an engaging way, while keeping track of progress and success.”

But what is great training if it isn’t always available? Thinkzoom is making eLearning increasingly more accessible by offering Closed Captioning to many Off-the-Shelf video training courses, mobile-friendly format accommodation, and open API’s, which allows companies  to link their users’ experience and activity data to other internal systems

Though Thinkzoom is constantly changing and improving, it is built using a responsive design and remains user-friendly. These new enhancements are just the first of many coming to the platform this year.

“The exciting part of developing these new tools is that they’re going to drastically modify the expectations for LMS and training platforms as a whole, and in return, help people learn more productively in the future,” said ej4 Chief Technology Officer, Tom Lynch.

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