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ej4 Adds Spanish Closed Captioning

By ej4 on Sep 30, 2016 1:30:28 AM

ej4 News and Press - ej4 Adds Spanish Closed Captioning

ej4 Adds Spanish Closed Captioning to Training Courses
Off-the-Shelf Content Become More Accessible

SAINT LOUIS, MO (September 29, 2016) - According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), language barriers contribute to 25 percent of all workplace injuries. No matter a person’s age, race, ethnicity, or primary language, every employee should have an equal opportunity to learn the skills they need, stay safe at work, and succeed at their job.

Using professional translation services, ej4 has added Spanish closed captioning to all the courses from its Workplace Compliance Library (including safety content), and over 100 courses from its Business Skills Library. ej4 intends to continue to incorporate closed captioning into many other existing and future courses.

“ej4 dedicates many hours to improving and expanding the inclusiveness of our training content,” said CEO, Ryan Eudy. “By adding Spanish closed captioning to a significant amount of our content, we will be able to help more employees improve their skill sets and become more engaged at work.”

Breaking down these language barriers has become a priority to ej4 due to the high number of multinational companies that were experiencing internal struggles because of miscommunication. In addition to safety concerns, language barriers are known to hinder productivity, collaboration, customer retention, and market expansion.

For more information or to view ej4’s training courses, please visit www.ej4.com.

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