Turning an Internship into Full-Time

Our office dog Louie makes a cameo appearance

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The Story Behind This Course

A longtime client has a robust internship program and came to us with a custom video project. They wanted a course to help train these young workers on how they could turn the internship into a full-time position. We knew many of our clients could benefit from this topic so we suggested we create a course that would be added to our Business Skills library at no charge. 

The video was intentionally shot outside the studio as much as possible, with more role playing and humor in delivery to connect with the younger audience. You will find our approach to our off-the-shelf training videos incorporates storytelling, symbolism, analogies, pop-culture, and sometimes humor.

Louie Internship Image 1

Louie is Ready for His Close-up

Louie is a frequent visitor to our office and we thought he could help deliver one of the lessons. 

His first appearance is at 1:40 when he unexpectedly walks by the conference room. We frequently incorporate unexpected design elements in our courses to better engage learners so they pay closer attention and actually learn. (If you look closely, yes, Louie wears a belly-band diaper.)

Louie's Lesson

His second appearance is at 2:20. He illustrates the point that interns should keep their personal life at home. And a side note, Louie is wearing his “I Love Lucy” tie.

Louie Internship 2

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