Employee Training Buyer's Guide

Resources to help you choose a video eLearning company and
find the right employee training solutions for your organization

If you are planning to outsource some of your employee training needs and you have found ej4, we are thrilled to be considered. A search for potential vendors can be time-consuming and confusing, so we have put together these helpful resources as a buyer’s guide. 


Starting with an RFP?

This blog post outlines tips to improve the process. We discuss how to define your needs when it comes to content, technology, support, and a few bonus items to consider. We also outline how to compare, rank, and weigh the offerings from your short-list of potential vendors.

Tips to Improve the RFP Process for Employee Training Partners


Looking to buy eLearning video content?

If you already have an LMS, this blog post will look at best practices for buying eLearning content. We also provide a handy checklist you can download. It will help you think through the categories and topics you require along with the technical requirements, and more.

How to Buy eLearning Content for Your LMS (An Not Regret It Later)


What features do you want/need in your LMS?

There are many options out there when it comes to learning management systems. Feature lists include things like content management, social learning, reporting, tracking, exams, third-party integrations, and more. This post also gives you a checklist of features to consider.

Buying an LMS: The Complete Feature Checklist to Make the Right Choice


Narrowed down your list of potential partners?

The final tips in our employee training buyer’s guide will help you compare the proposals from your short list of vendors.


Need pricing or have questions about our services?