eLearning Pricing Overview

We are not like other companies. We customize our pricing based on your needs.


We are thrilled you have found ej4 and are ready to consider pricing but we are not like other companies that offer a rate card for their content and technology. We customize a bid for you. To do that we need to dig deeper into what you are looking for. We don’t want to over or under propose.

Your search for an eLearning content provider and learning management system can be complicated and confusing. It is difficult to make an “apples to apples” comparison. That is why we have two excellent resources with checklists for buying off-the-shelf content and a features list for your LMS.

You also might find this article helpful, "How to Compare Employee Training Pricing." We go into the details you should consider when comparing the video content, the technology, and the support.


We generally see two different kinds of buyers

First, are the “check the box” buyers. They have a list of courses they require and shop on price. Very often, cost-per-course is the metric they use for comparison. We offer this whitepaper, “How Many eLearning Courses Do You Really Need?”, to debunk this shopping method.  

Second, are the buyers who have a full learning strategy. They take training very seriously. They genuinely want to make sure users get the courses they need, they are learning lessons, and changing behavior. They value the student materials, training reinforcement, client support, and reporting. They take the time to get to know ej4 and allow us to personalize our proposal.


Pricing for off-the-shelf eLearning content

Pricing proposals for our off-the-shelf content start with the eLearning libraries. Customers choose from Business Skills, Workplace Compliance, and Software Skills libraries.

We also look at the total number of users. Some clients want all of the content available to all of the users, while others only want certain employees to have limited access to certain libraries. All of that affects the pricing.

Our proposals typically include pricing for a contract of one to three years with incentives made available for multiple-year agreements.

ej4 developed our award-winning LMS, Thinkzoom, using our own internal resources, therefore we kept our overhead low. Thinkzoom’s robust features include content organization by topic or by desired competencies, classroom functions, social learning, integration with your HRIS, our award-winning authoring tool, and many other features. When you purchase our content, you get Thinkzoom for free. (Yes, free.) Our mission is to ignite employees’ potential. That is much easier for our clients to accomplish when we include our LMS!

If you are comparing content providers, you will find this post helpful, "How to Compare Employee Training Videos."


Pricing for custom eLearning videos

We don’t offer rate card pricing for custom content either. We meet with you to talk about your training goals and review your starter content from your subject matter experts. A lot of time we can condense hours of training down to more digestible, microlearning videos in the eight to ten-minute range.

Our team will work with you to build a script, create graphics, and select a professional presenter. With custom content, each scope of work is as unique as your needs and pricing is based on a cost-per-finished-minute.


Learning management system

Purchase our off-the-shelf content and get Thinkzoom, our LMS, free! This includes access to our award-winning authoring tool.



All of our contracts include the support of a dedicated Learning Consultant. We don’t charge extra for implementation or ongoing support like some of our competitors. You will have their name, email and direct phone line for personal access. They hold your hand through implementation, offer course recommendations, and provide training on the LMS features. Their goal is your success.


Next steps

Most of our clients start with a quick demo so we can walk you through the highlights of the LMS and our content. Then we set up a trial so you have some time to explore: add learners, create groups, assign courses, watch courses, etc.

If you are doing your due diligence and getting ready to issue an RFP, you will find this blog post helpful, "Tips to Improve the RFP Process for Employee Training Partners."

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