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The Need

Competing for key display spaces in retail is challenging and fierce. Margins are tight and product SKUs continue to expand in a number of categories. Pepsi-Cola Bottlers needed the right approach to take the challenge head-on. Yet, the required knowledge and skills to be successful were rapidly changing to a few other common challenges in the industry: turnover and dispersed employees. Employees are located in different cities, and often follow their own schedules, which meant getting people into a classroom for training was no longer effective, or economically viable. They needed custom content and an intuitive training solution that employees of all levels could get behind.

The Solution

Pepsi-Cola Bottlers turned to ej4 to create product-specific training videos alongside standard off-the-shelf courses on soft-skills training, leadership development, and other key themes. The Pepsi-Cola Bottlers learning campus blossomed. Employees actively engaged with a completely mobile-friendly platform with short, targeted content to help them do their jobs better. Merchandisers could access a course on creating powerful displays, and within minutes, take that knowledge to their next store as they construct. On premise salespeople had a completely custom sales series to help them improve the reach of the Pepsi brand and establish new accounts quickly. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Results

A more efficient - and more profitable - work place. Here are just some of the many comments Pepsi-Cola Bottlers employees have shared about training with ej4: 

  • •"[ej4] made it more cost-effective for people to get the training they need to do their job." - Bottler Owner
  • "ej4 justified its entire annual subscription on a display lift over Memorial Day and July 4th weekends alone." - Training Coordinator
  • "We have some training issues and I alone cannot handle 200 employees. ej4 has been one of the best things I have available to me. Just a tremendous resource to have." - Training Manager

Overview of Their Solution

  • Highly Engaged Trainers - Over 2.5 million courses have been viewed since 2004.
  • Vast Custom Content Library - Over 235+ completely custom courses focusing on the Pepsi-Cola bottling business. Topics include sales, advanced sales, field staff training, merchandising, products, warehouse operations, and more.
  • Far-Reaching Curriculum - Over 1,500 courses available for bottler management, supervision, sales, merchandising, administration, OSHA, DOT, Microsoft Office and compliance.
  • Versatile LMS - Using ej4's Thinkzoom platform, employees can record, edit, track and share company-specific knowledge in a snap, on any device at any time.
  • Accountability - Administrators get full reporting features on all employee views, test results, required course completion, and other important learning indicators.
  • Fresh Takes - New content is added every month, giving employees the right amount of information at just the right time.

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