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Gresham, Smith, and Partners Streamlines Onboarding and Training with ej4 Content

ej4 helped Gresham, Smith, and Partners easily implement a new employee onboarding and training solution with continuous support along the way



The Challenge

Gresham, Smith and Partners is an award-winning group of architects, engineers, interior designers, and planners that serve a variety of clients throughout the United States and around the world. They found themselves overpaying for a content subscription service that employees found confusing to use and that did not integrate well with their HRIS system. As a result, learners were frustrated and minimally used training. Providing onboarding training for new employees was difficult with information being scattered in too many places. Gresham Smith needed a way to provide new employees with access to basic onboarding information and a pre-work solution for employees to use before leader-led sessions on topics such as productivity, time management, project management, and leadership development. Enter ej4.


Professional Content that Engages Modern Learners

“ej4 was the ideal partner for meeting the needs of Sara’s modern learners with short, convenient courses that were easy to access. According to Sara, ej4’s “high level of professionalism, with everything from the on-screen talent, to the scripting, video capture and graphics,” were all elements of ej4’s training content that she found appealing.


Simplified Onboarding

ej4’s training solutions helped streamline the process for employee onboarding training with the groups feature in Thinkzoom. Sara was able to create groups of courses for specific employee onboarding topics that could then be assigned to learners. With this groups function, all an HR manager has to do is assign new employees to one of their customized groups, which Sara created and sorted by skill and experience levels. With Thinkzoom’s tracking capabilities, Sara has the ability to set deadlines and run reports that let her know who has completed their training and who needs a reminder.

ej4 helps our organization look more professional to current and new employees alike.

Cost-effective, Convenient Training

Gresham Smith’s previous system did not have the ability to assign courses, so employees were not held accountable for their required online training. Since employees weren’t held accountable, they weren’t taking the training. This left Gresham Smith paying a lot of money for unused training content. Sara found ej4 to have a reasonable cost per license for the number of users she had, and liked that the Thinkzoom LMS came free with her content purchase. Thinkzoom also enabled her to assign required courses, and keep track of user engagement. After activating the SSO (single sign-on) to their Office 365 system and creating some planned curriculum, they were up and running. Not only were employees easily accessing their required training, but some even engaged in self-directed learning, exploring courses and topics outside of their requirements. The new system allowed Sara to assign courses, create deadlines, and offer an easier solution for employees to login and find their training all in one place.


Help Every Step of the Way

Through Sara’s process of creating groups, finding courses to assign, and navigating her training needs, her ej4 Learning Consultant has been there every step of the way. The ej4 Learning Consultant didn’t just provide Sara with implementation and technical support, but helped her adjust her learning plans by making topic and course recommendations. This content support helped Sara have all the information she needed when approaching leadership about changes in their training plans. Gresham Smith’s partnership with ej4 helped them construct a training solution that satisfied their need for onboarding and departmental training and gave them the continuous support they needed to help maximize their utilization of our content. 

I feel like we get a lot of bang for our buck.

Summary of Success

  • Professional content that fulfilled the need for employee onboarding training and more
  • More "bang for their buck"
  • Easy implementation
  • Continuous support for the duration of the contract


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