Job Offer Math

Job Offer Math

Not all job offers are created equal and there are many factors to consider when determining whether a job offer is fiscally appropriate for your life. In this series, we'll go over what makes up a compensation package, understanding your budget in different geographic markets, employer benefits, and health insurance. 


Course Titles

  • Understanding a Job Offer
  • Cost of Living Comparisons
  • Benefits by the Numbers
  • Medical Insurance Basics
New Employee Math

New Employee Math

You've been offered a job, negotiated your salary and benefits, and now you're accepted! Next comes the paperwork and financial planning. This series will help you from beginning to end, starting with filling out your     W-4, to budgeting your paycheck, navigating income tax, and getting started with investing. 


Course Titles

  • How to Fill Out a W-4
  • Retirement Savings Basics
  • Your First Paycheck
  • Taxation Basics
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Savings
  • Investment Basics
Introduction to Math

Introduction to Math

Feeling a little rusty on your basic math skills? We're here to help you fight that fear and become comfortable with the basics. This series will help you learn how to add, subtract, find averages, and more. 


Course Titles

  • Fighting the Fear
  • Positive and Negative Numbers
  • Adding and Subtracting
  • Multiplying and Dividing
  • Inequalities
  • Finding Averages
  • Estimation Basics
  • Understanding the Metric System
  • Understanding Fractions
  • Understanding Decimals
  • Understanding Percentages
  • Choosing the Right Operation
Mastering Office 365

Software Skills

We have added two new topics to our Software Skills library, including Mastering Office 365 2018 and Office 365 Essentials 2018. Learn more about these courses below!







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