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The Challenge

2J Supply is a leading distributor of HVAC products that has served the Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana regions since 1962. 

When Katherine Gaskill, Director of Human Resources, started her job at 2J Supply, Thinkzoom was already in place as the company's LMS. As the Director of Human Resources, Katherine assumed many responsibilities and only a portion of her time would be available to spend on employee training.

The most important issue that Katherine faced was time. She needed to implement a training program that would not take up too much of her time and deliver important training topics in an organized, trackable way. With a workforce that rarely had access to desktop computers, she needed training content that was short, to-the-point, and effective. Katherine needed an easy way to initiate training, assign deadlines, and engage her learners. That's where Thinkzoom came in as a valuable resource.

Quick Learning Curve for Admins

In order to get her training program off the ground, Katherine first needed to learn the ropes with Thinkzoom. With the help of our Learning Consultants and the easy-to-use format of Thinkzoom, Katherine was able to learn the ins-and-outs of the LMS and start building her training program. As Katherine started exploring ej4's content library in Thinkzoom, she found the content to be precise and relevant to the topics she needed. The length of the videos, just long enough to hold the learner's attention, was also ideal for her training goals. 

Delivering and assigning the training involved some logistical hurdles: Katherine had to coordinate training deadlines with the high and low seasons of business for her employees. She didn't want to assign course deadlines right in the middle of her employees' busiest seasons. Most employees are on-the-go and have little access to a desktop computer, so she also had to ensure that her employees had the time to engage in a training session from a training kiosk in their break room. "Due to the nature of our workforce, the training is ideal in terms of duration, frequency, and content," Katherine explained. With Thinkzoom, she was able to easily assign training and manage deadlines to reflect her employees' schedule.  


2J Supply Case Study Learning Curve


Catering to Industry-Specific Training Needs

2J Supply has many industry-specific training topics for which they create their own training videos, such as DOT Hazmat training. 2J creates content in-house and uploads it to their Thinkzoom LMS campus, where Katherine can then assign deadlines and create follow-up quizzes. This makes it easy to keep all the training in one easily-accessible place. As 2J Supply creates more industry-specific training videos, Katherine has the ability to create custom quizzes for each of these courses, tailored exactly to her industry-specific training goals.

Katherine also used the Groups function within Thinkzoom to organize courses for specific departments. New hires, management, warehouse employees, and more can easily find their way to their relevant training and watch the courses that are most important to their jobs. 


2J Supply Catering to Industry-Specific Needs


Using Off-the-Shelf Content to Fill the Gaps

Along with the industry-specific content that Katherine loads into her Thinkzoom campus, many of ej4's off-the-shelf training courses helped accomplish 2J Supply's training needs. Lockout Tagout, Telephone Techniques, Respect, Anti-Harassment, Understanding Harassment, and First Aid are just a few of the off-the-shelf course topics that 2J uses to train their employees and keep them in compliance and help them build practical on-the-job skills. "The content is at a level that is understandable, not overwhelming," explains Katherine. "Not everyone enjoys doing training, but they get something useful out of every topic, and get a good grasp of the content with every course they take." ej4's content provides learners with concise and relevant content that doesn't take up too much of their time. 

The Result

Since 2J Supply had little trackable training in the past, there was a noticeable increase in training engagement. Deadlines were being met and training was becoming more and more consistent. Taking our 2J method of training engagement to heart, 2J was never in short supply of quality training that was just as needed, just enough, just in time, and just right for their employees. Thinkzoom's ease-of-use provided Katherine with a quick learning curve, just the right amount of content, and an easily-accessible place for her internal training content. 

Summary of Success

  • A quick learning curve for an HR director that inherited the LMS
  • Just the right amount of off-the-shelf content
  • An easy-to-administer content storage solution for industry-specific training
  • Precise and relevant content that fits training needs


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