Developing Your Strengths

Develop your muscles by working out. Develop your strengths with training.


Course Story - Developing Your Strengths

The Story Behind This Course

The topic for this course was inspired by an instructor-led course one of our instructional designers led in a prior career. The idea is that you are in charge. It's up to you to understand, develop, and leverage your strengths.

You will find our approach to our off-the-shelf training videos incorporates storytelling, symbolism, analogies, pop-culture, and sometimes humor. In this course, it's symbolism.

Developing Your Strengths course screenshot 2

Bar Bells and Tattoos

We went with a weight-lifting theme to symbolize the training you will go through to develop your strengths. The idea is to focus on what you are already good at to become even stronger. To flex those soft skill muscles!

Sprinkling in a few tattoos gives the course a little more personality to help engage your learners. And think about it. There was a time when it was frowned up for an employee to have a visible tattoo. Now, tattoos are very common. It's a little way to relate to your modern learners. 

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