The Complete Guide to Onboarding Training

The when, what, and how of modern onboarding for the most successful organizations. This eBook covers:

  • The importance of onboarding and what sort of goals you should set to achieve the best program
  • Why it's important to use video in your onboarding training and how it fits in with a blended-learning approach
  • How certain user case studies of our clients use our content and platform to push a successful onboarding training program
  • & much more!

A successful onboarding training program matters for many reasons

Aside from getting new hires acclimated to your organization quicker, you're more likely to avoid high turnover rates. Studies show that 69% of employees stay with a company for at least three years when they're brought up through a successful onboarding program.

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Be versatile with your onboarding training before Day One

83% of the highest-performing organizations begin onboarding before the new hire's first day. Offering up a suite of off-the-shelf videos can help them develop new skills before they step into the office.

Employee Training Other Employees

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