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6 min read

Tips for Cultivating Gratitude in the Workplace

“Thank you.” Isn’t that nice to hear? Would you like to work for a company that makes cultivating gratitude in the...

8 min read

7 Tips to Support Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is part of our lives as we adapt to change. Microsoft releases a new version of Excel and you can’t...

8 min read

Signs of Age Discrimination. Find Wisdom at Any Age.

As a professional woman over the age of 40, I’m starting to hear questions from my friends and colleagues about age...

12 min read

Celebrating Differences in the Workplace: Embracing Neurodiversity

Ask any HR person or business owner and they’ll tell you it’s hard to find good people. It seems as if there are more...

11 min read

How to Curate a Training Curriculum on Demand

Today’s diverse workforce requires a training program with a wide variety of topics to address those diverse...

7 min read

How to Fight the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

Have you ever gone to a party where you met a group of people and could not remember their names a few minutes later?...

14 min read

Time Bandits: Overcoming Time Management Challenges

Many moons ago, I used to do a leader-lead session on managing priorities and the one resource everyone said they...

10 min read

Be a Better Manager and Coach with 5 Lessons from Ted Lasso

If you aren’t watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV, you are really missing out! This show has so much heart, optimism, and...

5 min read

Notes from SHRM21: Mental Wellness and Inclusion

SHRM21 in Las Vegas delivered a great live event! Thousands of people donned their masks and attended in person. As a...

7 min read

ATD 2021 Keynote Recap: Angela Duckworth and Her Grit Scale


ATD 2021 kicked off with a lively and engaging keynote from Angela Duckworth. She began with stories from her...

10 min read

Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the Workplace


Scroll through any social media platform and you will witness intelligent people losing sight of their own...

9 min read

Training to Help Your Employees Have Difficult Conversations at Work


One of my least favorite tasks is having difficult conversations at work. I am generally non-confrontational, but...

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