As people around the world work from home in quarantine, think about new uses for your eLearning authoring tool to fill your communication needs with video. E-mail is a dependable channel but it can lack the human touch that video can deliver. Webinars and video chat calls are useful alternatives but not everyone has access to those tools.

Our Thinkzoom LMS comes with an award-winning, eLearning authoring tool that allows you to record using your webcam along with or without your screen. Then, you can use our editing tools to edit out your “uhs” and “ums,” overlay graphics and highlights, and much more.

Business needs to continue moving forward as much as possible while we work from home. Here are a few examples of how your authoring tool can be shared with other departments beyond eLearning.

Internal Corporate Announcements


Stay-at-Home Mandate

As regions pass social distancing and shelter in place mandates, companies need to respond quickly with new policies, guidance, and communication to all affected employees.

Monthly Business Updates

The leadership team of ej4 creates PowerPoint slides every month and we record a video to update employees on our accomplishments and activities towards our company goals. This helps all employees feel included whether they work in St. Louis, Kansas City, or in their home office.

HR Open Enrollment

With the increasing costs of healthcare, many companies shop and switch providers every year. Your HR department could use the authoring tool to explain the plan offerings so every employee hears the exact same message every time. Employees can also share and discuss the video with family members to find the best option.

Sales and Marketing Use


Marketing Messaging

Marketing may need to provide branding and messaging updates. They can use the authoring tool to show new designs for collateral, presentation decks, signage, etc.

Sales calls

Your sales team can create custom video messages for their prospects using the authoring tool. Your reps can create a few PowerPoint slides to support the key differentiators in how your company addresses the pain point of each prospect. When the rep uses the webcam they can deliver the human element on the screen to help put a face with a name and build rapport.

New product announcement

If the timing of a new product announcement falls during the home quarantine period, you can still effectively handle the communications. It’s very easy to create different versions for your sales team, customer service, and for all employees.

Benefits of Video

The use of video in employee training and communication extends beyond an extended period of working from home to normal, business as usual.

  • Accessibility: Videos are available on demand.
  • Consistency: Videos ensure all employees receive the exact same message.
  • Efficiency: Videos provide an efficient method to deliver content. The presenter records it once instead of repeating over and over in instructor-led sessions or meetings with employees.
  • Connection: Featuring executives and senior leaders in the video can help support a stronger connection with employees who may not typically get that “face time.”

Since 2004, ej4 has helped companies impact employee behaviors and business outcomes through the use of video. Our off-the-shelf training features microlearning videos on topics like compliance, safety, communication, selling skills, leadership and much more. When you purchase our training videos, you receive Thinkzoom, our LMS for free. That also includes the eLearning authoring tool. If you would like to watch our courses or try out the LMS and authoring tool, sign up for a free trial. No credit card required.

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Ryan Eudy

Written by Ryan Eudy

Since joining ej4 in 2005, Ryan has operated in every facet of the business. It is this experience that Ryan utilizes to manage ej4’s daily operations. Ryan offers innovative solutions and has a unique understanding of matching client needs with the right performance improvement tools to change targeted behaviors.

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