It’s Perfect Timing for Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

Who would have thought there would be a time when romaine lettuce would be bad for you! According to the Center for Disease Control, there have been 23 outbreaks investigated to date, including the recent romaine incident. (Sounds like an episode of The Big Bang Theory.) So, clearly it is perfect timing to observe Worldwide Food Service Safety Month.

Has there ever been a recall on donuts? Not that I have heard of! Meats, eggs, and coconut are on the list but I don’t see donuts. Just sayin'!

The majority of these cases are linked back to the food suppliers, but that does not minimize the importance of food safety in the hospitality industry. We had several smaller resort and casino clients that originally began working with ej4 for our soft skills and compliance training. These boutique properties lacked the hospitality training the larger hotel brands offer and they requested that ej4 add this to our library. So we did!

Our hospitality training topics include:

  • Front and Back of the House
  • Housekeeping
  • Front Desk
  • Valet
  • And of course, Food and Beverage, which includes Food Safety

The feedback has been very positive from our clients. Our courses provide a solid foundation on these topics which saves the clients a lot of time and money. Then they use our award-winning authoring tool to customize the courses with their branded checklists, standards, or processes.

Worldwide Food Service Safety Month is for Everyone!

It’s not just for hospitality or supermarkets. Some basic food safety training can be helpful for employees in the office, factory, or warehouse as well. How many of you held a festival of crockpots for Thanksgiving like ej4 did? Or maybe you rocked Crocktoberfest in October? 

Do your employees know that perishable food should never be left unrefrigerated for longer than two hours? 

Did anyone make that disgusting (heavily debated topic in our office) green bean casserole? What if they used a can of beans that was dented, rusted, or swollen? That can should have been disposed of, not brought to the office! 

Did everyone properly wash their hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before they worked through the buffet line touching all the serving spoons or digging their hands into the pile of plastic forks trying to grab just one but touching all of them?

What about co-worker food allergies? Were these considered and addressed? And yes, I tell people I’m allergic to green bean casserole so I don’t have to explain why it’s gross. 

The cool thing about ej4’s off-the-shelf training content is that your employees can access a wide variety of topics related to their work-life experience, like the course on food safety. Health and Wellness is a very popular topic. For example, our series titled “You are What You Eat” covers eating food that fuels your brain so you can be more productive at work (FYI donuts are not included). Could you minimize the lost productivity from the flu if your employees had a little bit of training on the topic? Our series on “Fighting the Flu” could be the antidote! 

You can see all of these topics and our full hospitality library if you sign up for a free trial. You can watch any of our videos while you enjoy a nice romaine salad for lunch. Or maybe an old-fashioned, sour cream donut with your coffee at breakfast. 

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