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Our Clients are Part of Our Team

By Ryan Eudy on Oct 1, 2018 3:51:45 PM

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Our Clients are Part of Our Team

Since the beginning, ej4 has always partnered with our clients. We don’t sell training widgets, our solutions vary based on client needs. We are in the business of changing behaviors. Our vision is to ignite employees’ full potential. Our mission is to provide a unique learning experience to employees by delivering the unexpected in modern learning content and technology.

Today we launched an exciting redesign of Thinkzoom, our learning management system. Our client satisfaction is top priority and their feedback is critical. We gathered their suggestions year-round via our learning consultants along with regular online surveys to help with our planning.

All of our clients have a dedicated learning consultant who supports them during implementation and the full duration of the contract. They speak with our clients during monthly calls and any time a client has a suggestion, question, or specific need about the technology, content, learning paths, etc. The requests are discussed with other clients, internal team members, and evaluated during planning sessions.

We also regularly survey our clients on their satisfaction with our content, technology, and service. At the beginning of the year, we asked about their experience with Thinkzoom so their input could shape our development plans for 2018 enhancements.

Here are some of the suggestions that were implemented.

Custom Tracks

After we launched our competency-based learning Tracks in November of 2017, the most frequent request we received was the ability to create custom Tracks. Users loved that the Tracks were tied to Lominger Competencies but they wanted the ability to include their own custom content and to add/delete some of our off-the-shelf courses based on the learning need.

In addition, our clients wanted custom Tracks to be visible to all learners. They wanted to encourage employees to self-enroll to increase self-directed learning.

Not only did we fulfill this request, but we made it possible for administrators to run reports on their custom Tracks to identify the employees who are going above and beyond with their training.

Classroom Scheduling

We heard this suggestion many times via our learning consultants, so this was a high priority for this year. Our survey asked what actions they would need to track with classroom scheduling. Results included dates, course title, venue, facilitator, attendance, and downloads.

Now, administrators can create and schedule instructor-led classroom courses (live and virtual) in our Thinkzoom LMS. They can access all of our student materials to add to a course and designate our off-the-shelf courses for pre-work for an integrated blended-learning experience. Users can self-enroll or be enrolled by administrators. Attendance can be tracked in the system and, as with all ej4 content, learners earn points that are added to their totals on the leaderboard.

Improved Search

In our 2018 technology survey, we offered an open-ended question for any feature requests or suggestions. A direct quote related to our content search function supported our work to improve the search function: “Would be nice if suggestions came up based on what was typed into the search bar rather than having to type in the exact "word(s)" that would be found in the video title.”

The improved search offers more targeted results in an easy-to-use format. This makes it easier for administrators and users to find the courses they need by searching relevant keywords in our catalog. The results return courses, groups, topics or tracks that include the search term along with content in context that may not include the search term in the course title.

Customizable Dashboard

Another direct quote from 2018 technology survey said: “I wish there was a way to organize the dashboard better.”

We’ve given both users and administrators the ability to personalize their dashboard layout in any order, putting the most meaningful items up front. This allows users to easily access what is most important to them by clicking and dragging the widgets in the most useful position and size.

Free Trial

See for yourself how user-friendly Thinkzoom is and sign up for a free trial. You will immediately have unlimited access to 100% of our functionality and our full library of training content. 

Worried about the implementation? Hear how easy the implementation can be from one of our clients or read this tactical guide.  


Ryan Eudy

Written by Ryan Eudy

Since joining ej4 in 2005, Ryan has operated in every facet of the business. It is this experience that Ryan utilizes to manage ej4’s daily operations. Ryan offers innovative solutions and has a unique understanding of matching client needs with the right performance improvement tools to change targeted behaviors.

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