Training With the Help of Psychology

When you train employees, you give them tons of information to absorb, which can be tiresome. Fortunately, by improving employees' intrinsic motivation, you can help them learn training content better. Psychology gives us a look into how to improve motivation, and it all comes down to a combination of video training and emotion.

According to a study published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, video learning helps improve a person's emotions, which in turn elevates motivation.

Studying motivation

Researchers studied 210 volunteers by introducing them to a series of conditions involving music and video components. During the experiments, researchers monitored participants' emotional states and motivational levels. The results indicated that music in particular impacted emotion and thus motivation. However, video also boosted intrinsic motivation, though most strongly when played in conjunction with music.

Using results to improve training programs

While the study primarily emphasized the effectiveness of using video and music in sports to increase athlete motivation, the psychology is also useful in the workplace. The study indicated that combining music and video elements improved intrinsic motivation best. Therefore, a company employee training program should make use of both. Fortunately, eLearning courseware uses video and music components to provide employees with a training option that's engaging and triggers their motivational centers. Here are some important characteristics of eLearning content produced by ej4:

  • Videos are short (less than 10 minutes long).
  • Though ej4's videos feature music, the melodies do not distract from the course's content. The information employees learn is the most important part of training, so ej4 places priority on content and uses multimedia elements such as music as a supportive quality.
  • The videos allow companies to design a rewarding training program. Once an employee watches the quick video, he or she can put the newfound information into practice. This reinforces the sense of achievement an employee had when motivated.

If your company wants to harness video learning to improve motivation in work training, check out ej4's vast library of off-the-shelf content or learn more about how a custom solution might be the right fit for your company. For more information, contact our sales team.

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