Boosting the Skills of Your Sales Staff Through Corporate Training

If your sales team is the backbone of your business, bringing in new clients and their money, then their performance is a big deal. When you see sales figures falling, you may rally the troops to find the source of the problem. In many cases, lack of training could be the issue. If that's the case, then providing additional training is in the best interest of your staff and the company as a whole. Here are some tips for helping your employees improve:

Discover Where They Struggle

Send your sales staff a survey asking what areas of their job they struggle with most. You can list examples, such as communicating effectively, understanding the sales cycle or finding leads. Cover whatever your employees list as their biggest frustration in training sessions.

You can also look for signs of struggle in sales numbers. Search for where your team loses the client during the sales cycle. Or, sit on a sales call to see how your employees perform.

elearning courseware company trainingHelping your staff improve their skills also benefits your business as a whole.

Provide Effective Training

Training your staff is a must when you're trying to help them improve their skills. However, not all training programs are effective at career development. eLearning courseware provides videos your employees can watch that cover a specific topic. Videos are more engaging than some lectures, and they can help employees absorb information. In fact, according to a report by the University of South Alabama, which analyzed numerous studies, video acts as an effective teaching method that helps viewers retain information.

What's more, your eLearning courses must be concise, impactful and useful. ej4's off-the-shelf content library includes numerous topics, including sales. Assign your team videos from the sales series, especially those that tackle the topics your staff needs help with most. Each video is short, but detailed and informative, giving your employees as much information as possible in an engaging way.

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