Strategic Training Can Mitigate Onboarding Costs

Getting a new employee from interviewee to fully productive member of a company takes time and money. According to Allied's Workforce Mobility survey, companies spend an average of $11,000 to onboard a new employee.

This sum consists of training materials, pay for a training staff member and the new hire's income. Furthermore, 30 percent of surveyed companies' new workers weren't up to productivity expectations until a year into their jobs. Between spending so much money and the time it takes to onboard, companies probably wonder if there's a better way. Fortunately, there is. Many businesses are turning to strategic training, which combines company objectives with job-specific training needs into a single program.

Onboarding the strategic way

Strategic training will look different for every company, as goals change from business to business. As such, the training program must be centered on the company's objectives. Furthermore, strategic training relies on an analysis of what a company needs employees to do. Training staff must identify the skills an employee needs and how best to provide guidance in obtaining them. Armed with company and job goals, businesses can build a training program.

Managers and senior-level employees also have important roles to play in strategic training, as they provide additional support to new hires. An onboarding employee may spend a limited amount of time each day learning training material, then use the rest of his or her time to work with a senior co-worker.

Tools that make strategic training smoother

Creating a strategic program is simpler with the right tools and staff. Here are some features companies may want to include in their training program development process:

A team of experts: To identify skills new hires need, a company can talk to its current employees. The HR department doesn't always know everything the employees do each day, so seeking help from others is crucial to covering certain training elements.

eLearning courseware: eLearning for business training includes short videos. Companies can use both off-the-shelf content (good for general training points) and custom videos (for job- and company-specific learning) to instruct new employees effectively.

Onboarding is a costly process, but can be streamlined through the implementation of strategic training. ej4 is ready to improve your company's training practices by offering quality affordable eLearning courseware. From off-the-shelf and custom content to our Thinkzoom learning platform, ej4 can help your business' onboarding practices become more engaging.

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