Quick Take on Communication Breakdown at Work

A video just surfaced a few days ago of a woman quitting her job in, umm...style.

Here it is if you haven’t seen it already:

Now, I wasn't shocked by the content of the video, but I was really surprised when I read the comments about her video.  Some people were writing her off as a lazy GenY worker. She’s too entitled! Another reason why you shouldn't hire GenY workers!  

Um, were they watching the same video?

First off, lumping employees into broad categories or making generalizations is a mistake. Not every GenY worker is entitled, lazy or uninspired. This particular GenY employee had been at her job for 2 years - not two weeks or two months.  It appears as though she paid her dues, and her leaving didn't appear to be the result of not getting her way.  Her job was to create video content for the company, but the boss allegedly was demanding more videos. She thought quality was being sacrificed, was unhappy and made her video.

Now the real issue isn't whether or not this was a dramatic way to exit; the real issue should be the communication breakdown between management and an employee. The  employee told reporters that management was constantly shifting her duties and changing up the schedule so much that it just reached a boiling point.  It was impacting her outside of work and she had to make the decision to leave.

And while employees are supposed to be flexible to on-the-fly changes, too many changes create confusion. The company’s goals may not be represented well, or worse, the employee just becomes fatigued from having to constantly rewrite their agendas every day.

Which is why it’s so important for management and employees to be on the same page.

I mean, is this really just an isolated event or is there something more to it? And if there’s something more, how do companies get in front of communication issues like this and ensure they have a strong workforce backing the company’s mission statement?

We'd love your take in the comments below!

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