Hunting for a job has to be everyone’s least favorite task. Maybe you just graduated and you’re looking for your first real job. Maybe you’ve been fired, laid off, or furloughed, you’re in a toxic environment, or a dead-end position. All of these situations are stressful and you just hope to find the right job and get hired quickly.

Searching for a job is one of the most important things to learn and yet, no one really teaches us how. If you are lucky, you may have a teacher help you create a resume as part of a class assignment. The career center in your school probably only has a handful of counselors expected to serve hundreds or thousands of students. But once you are out of school, who is there to help?

Qualified by ej4: The App with Job Hunting Tips and Videos

There are job search apps that give you a list of open jobs so you can do your own search but they don’t really offer any help or training. Qualified by ej4 is the app that gives you the help that no one else does. Job seekers will be able to access over 300 of our award-winning training videos.  

We start with our courses on career basics:

  • How to Create a Resume
  • Filling Out an Application
  • What's an Applicant Tracking System?
  • Looking for a Job in Your Field
  • Do You Need a Cover Letter?
  • How to Create a Professional Profile
  • What to Expect in an Interview
  • How to Prepare for an Interview
  • What to Wear for an Interview
  • Writing a Thank You Letter
  • Understanding a Job Offer
  • Negotiating Your Salary and Benefits

Yes, you might be able to find some of this information in a generic Google Search but we are not your random social media influencers. We are professionals who train people for a living. You can trust the accuracy, professionalism, and effectiveness of our videos. Normally, they are only available exclusively through employers, and now anyone can access them via the app.

Beyond the job search topics listed above, our app offers training courses that will help you be more qualified for the positions you are looking for. What happens when the interviewer asks you about something you have zero experience with? Most job hunters can only rely on their past work experience and education. Job seekers who watch the videos in our app will continue to learn new skills that will help them be more qualified and be better prepared for those tricky interview questions.

Curated Course Bundles

Our videos are curated into bundles based on your personal job search or career planning stage. We cover the topics that are common during interviews for these various positions. The last thing you want to say in an interview is, “I don’t know,” or “I don’t have experience with that.” Our videos will help you avoid those disheartening answers. 

Entry-Level Jobs 

Is all of your work experience in retail or hospitality? If you’ve never worked in an office environment before, we offer courses on business attire, email etiquette, business writing, and more. We also include valuable soft skills training topics interviewers like to ask about like:

  • “How do you plan to manage your time?”  
    • Mention the Pomodoro Technique, time blocking, or using a bullet journal we cover in our series on time management.
  • “As a coordinator, you will be responsible for getting information from others in our department. How will you approach them?”
    • You can refer to our “This vs. That” series and discuss the difference between being aggressive and assertive, or being persistent vs. being a pest. 
  • Our company offers many training classes to help you acclimate to our culture and learn about our processes. What will you do on your own?”
    • You can explain more about how you will get up to speed and identify your own blind spots in our series on “How to Know What You Don't Know.”

Management/Supervision Jobs

Are you looking for your first job as a supervisor or manager? Or maybe your last company promoted you without giving you any support or training to help you succeed as a manager. Our courses can help fill the gaps and prepare you for interview questions like:

  • “Tell me about your experience managing different personality types.”
    • You could respond “I have recently been taking a training series on the DISC profiles and have found that I am a high I and a high D. These courses have really helped me understand how I can better manage people by adjusting my approach.” 
  • “We work in a fast-paced environment. Our timelines are aggressive and the work can be stressful. Tell me about how you would manage stress for you and your team.”  
    • You could refer to the concepts we discuss in our series on stress management like how to understand, avoid, handle, and manage stress.
  • “The team you will be supervising is a combination of rookies and veterans. Explain how your coaching methods might vary depending on their time with the company.”
    • You could utilize the information in our series on coaching that gives you different strategies for the rookie, contributor, key player, and captain. 

Sales Jobs 

Whether you are looking to get into sales or you have some experience, you will find our videos helpful. We cover selling basics, the sales process, relationships, and management. Our courses can keep your selling skills sharp while you look for a job and prepare you for interview questions like:

  • “How do you approach cold-calling?  
    • Your response could combine information from several of our videos that include pre-call planning, phone selling, asking great sales questions, and how to influence over the phone.
  • “Describe a scenario when you encountered any of these objections: stalls, doubt, misunderstanding, true negative, or indifference.”  
    • You will be well-prepared for this question because we offer a video covering each of these objections. We also offer a course on “when to shut up,” an important strategy when handling objections.
  • “Tell me about your approach to building sales relationships.”
    • You can easily search the app for many courses that can help you with the skills needed to build a sales relationship like establishing credibility and using DISC in sales. There is a separate video explaining the details for selling to each of the DISC profiles. 

Administrative Jobs  

Administrative assistants keep the world organized. It takes special skills to manage the activity around senior leaders, act as a gatekeeper, and get their own work done. In this bundle, learn about administrative excellence and be prepared for interview questions like:

  • “It looks like this would be your first administrative assistant position. Do you have experience with email correspondence in the workplace?”
    • Instead of saying “No, I don’t have experience with email in the workplace.” You can watch our series on email etiquette and then be able to respond, “While I do not have experience with email in the workplace, I have been watching a training series and I understand the concepts like when to CC vs BCC, using reply all, the importance of subject lines, and when to email or not.”
  • “What skills do you think make for a successful administrative assistant?”
    • If you watch the courses we have curated, you will be able to answer that skills like time management, conflict management, and professional productivity are all musts.
  • “An important responsibility of an administrative assistant is to be the gatekeeper for their manager. What do you think this entails?
    • After you watch our course on acting as gatekeeper, you would know that one of the main roles is screening people, information, and communication. You will need strong communication skills in order to respond or redirect requests. 

It is rare to find a candidate who has the perfect experience for every bullet in the job description. If you don’t have direct experience with something and you respond that you have been taking training classes on your own to fill those gaps, the interviewer will see that you are self-motivated and take initiative. 

Qualified by ej4

You can download the Qualified app for free and watch 30-second previews of all 300+ videos. You unlock the bundles of videos via in-app purchases. $7.99 per month for one bundle or $14.99 per month for all four bundles. Your monthly subscription includes unlimited views to the courses in your bundle. Get the tools you need to find a job. Have questions? Send us an email at

Download the Qualified by e4 app from your phone today and kickstart your job hunt.

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Chris Scherting

Written by Chris Scherting

Chris Scherting’s passion for marketing began in grade school where she served several terms as Commissioner of Publicity and Public Relations. She graduated from St. Louis University with her BSBA in Marketing and her MBA. She has worked for some of the most well-known brands in St. Louis including the St. Louis Cardinals, Charter Communications (now Spectrum), and Maritz. She joined ej4 in December of 2016 with the goal to bring her big brand experience to a growing company.

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