76% of New Hires Demand Competent Onboarding

A new study of 1,000 employees who quit their job after just 6 months revealed plenty. Everything from how perks don’t mean as much as some companies think they do to how they new hires appreciate feedback early, but not to the point it feels like management is hovering over them.

Yet the statistic that stands out the most is how 76% of respondents screamed for a competent onboarding program. Now compare that to a familiar stat line we’ve talked about before: 58% of new hires are more likely to stay with a company if there’s a successful onboarding system.

The demand for onboarding is clear: Train me to fit in and do my job properly or I’m going to have  my resume ready. close by. And it’s not like there isn’t competition out there waiting to scoop up your deserters. If their skillset is there, companies will overlook the preconceived notion that they’re a job hopper. They aren’t job hopping, they are marketable and in demand.

Because like it or not, if you don’t have a legitimate way to express your company’s strengths to new hires, or an easy method to bring them up to speed on their role and look in on them to make sure they’re doing what you want them to properly, it could spell doom sooner rather than later.

So first things first: Review your current onboarding program and ask yourself a few questions:

● Can you say for certain how many new employees leave the company within the first year?

● Does your onboarding program monitor new hires from the first day through the next 90 and beyond that?

● What is the single most valuable part of your onboarding program?

● If onboarding includes eLearning courses, how much time do new hires invest watching and applying?

● Are supervisors being supportive enough to know when the new hire is comfortable and happy, and not still feeling a tad alienated?

If the answers are less than stellar, how can you fix it?

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