Making HR Compliance Training Easier

All employers have plenty of staff training to worry about, and HR compliance is one of the most important. This type of training is required by federal, state and local governments and teaches employees what acceptable and appropriate workplace conduct looks like. As such, HR compliance training is a vital portion of your training curriculum, though it's also difficult to implement. From learning what topics you must cover to ensuring all of your staff finishes the courses, you have a lot to consider. With that in mind, here are tips for making HR compliance training a little easier to execute:

Know the Requirements

Above all, you must know what training topics you are required, by law, to cover - and by law we mean rules set by federal, state and local governments. Because you have numerous governmental entities listing required training topics, it's important to research. Requirements for your state could be different than those for other states.

In general, all businesses must train staff on harassment, discrimination, ethics and safety. Certain industries also have additional requirements. For instance, a business that serves alcohol must train its staff on the laws regarding the selling and serving of such beverages. Aside from those general topics, check with your local government to see what other training is mandatory.

HR-compliance-trainingCompliance training makes work a comfortable place to be.

Choose Compliant Tools

Implementing HR compliance training on your own can be very difficult. With all you have to cover, you want to make sure you don't miss a single point. Using training tools created by instructional professionals takes the fear of missing the mark out of workplace training. For instance, compliance courseware developed by an eLearning company is likely to run the gamut of HR topics. These companies' sole focus is to create training content, so they know what your business needs to cover.

ej4 has a library of off-the-shelf eLearning videos that discuss HR compliance topics. Not only that, but the videos are engaging, encouraging your employees to actually watch the required content.

Monitor Completion

Because HR compliance training is required, it's imperative that all your employees complete their courses. As such, you need a way to track progress - asking one by one isn't very efficient. Your eLearning platform should provide you with a way to digitally track and remind employees to watch their videos, add content to playlists and share those videos. Thinkzoom, by ej4, gives administrators control over assigning courses and allows them to track employee progress.

Check out ej4's library of compliance videos, which is updated regularly.


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