How to Tell if Someone is a Good Fit for the Job

Managers play many roles, and that often includes the job of hiring. While filling positions may be part of a manager's duty, it often requires skills different from those they use every day. For instance, knowing how to tell if someone is a good fit for the job can be tricky and isn't something most people can intuit. For this reason, teaching managers how to interview and hire should be part of your leadership training program. ej4 offers a wide curriculum of such topics, and the eLearning courseware is easy to assign and engaging to watch. As you browse our leadership curriculum, take a look at these tips for identifying whether a job candidate is a good fit:

Identify your company and team goals

Hiring someone is a transaction. You need an employee who can help your company meet its goals, and the candidate needs a job. If that individual can't get your team or your business closer to its goals, that person is not a good match.

So before you meet with anyone, go back over the things your company and your team wants to accomplish and determine what you need to do that. For instance, if one of your goals is to unify your team, a candidate who is great at collaboration and familiar with building effective groups may be an ideal option. Until you outline your goals, however, you won't know if the individual you're interviewing has what you need.

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An effective interview will help you determine whether a candidate is a good fit for the role.

Consider work style

Everyone has their own work ethic. Some people like to focus on one thing at a time while others prefer switching focus, for instance. Most of the time, jobs can accommodate numerous work styles, but making sure the role and the candidate are compatible is still important. A job that requires someone to be very independent may not be a good fit for individuals who need guidance and structure. Or, collaborators may not perform well in isolated situations.

Even things like how you act in meetings can be considered work style. Does your company have a more serious tone while this individual is relaxed and lighthearted? Fortunately, meeting etiquette can be changed, and issues like that aren't as pressing as work ethic.

Remember company culture

The role for which you're hiring doesn't exist in a vacuum - it's part of your company, and your company has a culture. Even if the individual seems like the perfect match for the job, it doesn't mean he or she will feel at home at your business.

Asking strong questions, getting to know the candidate and even spending time together informally outside of the office can help you gauge whether he or she would feel comfortable in the culture you've created. Don't overlook this step, as a poor culture fit could make things difficult for both you and the new hire. He or she is more likely to burn out or have a short tenure if the culture doesn't click.

All these tips can help you discern between someone who is a good fit or a bad fit for the job. Our eLearning courseware covers other manager training topics, so check it out!

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