How to Reduce Time Consumption in Employee Training

Have you ever heard complaints from your staff about how long their training sessions take? They may lament the fact that while training is helpful, they can't afford to spend such a long period away from their desks. It's a valid concern, as employees who aren't working aren't furthering company goals. However, training programs are equally as important as getting work done because they help your employees do their jobs better and more efficiently. So how do you strike a balance between low time consumption and a high-level training program? While finding the sweet spot may seem like a huge feat, it's really as easy as implementing the right tools and structure.

Which Format is Best?

eLearning courseware can help reduce time consumption in employee training, but not all types of eLearning will fit the bill. The eLearning tools you use must have several features that eliminate time waste and provide accurate, high-level content that keeps your employees engaged. Look for eLearning that has these features:

Off-the-Shelf Content

Has your company been wasting a lot of time on ineffective training? If so, you probably want to implement changes right away. In fact, The eLearning Guild recommends companies seek courseware that's easy to implement and begin using quickly. Off-the-shelf content lets you do that. ej4 has a vast library of videos that are already made and ready to watch. ej4's content covers many subjects, from sales training to HR compliance and much more - you can train every level of your staff using the pre-made content.

"The eLearning Guild recommends companies seek courseware that's easy to implement and begin using quickly."

Rather than having to spend time writing and developing a training program session, you can just assign employees an existing video - it's that simple.

Short Videos

eLearning tools that rely on video training should provide short sessions. If your employee's training pain point is that learning takes too much of their time, why would you select a program that eats up just as much of the day as your old program did? Finding eLearning courseware that's short should be high on your priority list.

ej4 training videos are quick and often break up one topic into a series of videos. This lets employees view as much of the training videos as they have time for during the day.


If your training videos are going to be short, they must be impactful, otherwise your employees won't absorb the information. Each video should accurately and effectively convey a concept that your employees can fully comprehend in the allotted time.

The videos ej4 creates are both short and impactful, ensuring your employees learn what they need to for their jobs in a small window of time. They don't contain any filler, instead getting right to the point in an engaging way.


Even videos that are impactful may require a second watch. For this reason, your eLearning courseware should have options for rewatching or rewinding. That way, your employees can go over key concepts again if they feel it's necessary. While reviewing training videos may consume time, the instances in which employees view content a second time will be worth it.

For more information on the types of off-the-shelf content available from ej4 or the other benefits of using these videos, contact our sales team.

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