How to Prepare Your Company for eLearning Training Tools

Taking on eLearning for business is a step toward a modern and effective training program, but poor implementation can negate the benefits of digital tools. Companies that want to use eLearning courseware should take time before purchasing a subscription to think about what they need and how they'll introduce new training tools. Furthermore, they must consider how they'll ensure the program satisfies employees needs. Here are some factors companies must consider before getting the ball rolling:

Create a List of Goals

Writing a set of goals for your new eLearning-driven training program will help you select the right tools. You should also identify what was not working in your last program to figure out what you'll need to change in this next one. Meet with others in your company to brainstorm together. A few goals might include:

  • Improve employee learning outcomes.
  • Help employees retain training knowledge longer.
  • Decrease the time it takes to onboard new staff.
  • Reduce training spending.
  • Increase convenience of the training program.

Use your goals as guidelines when developing your training program.

Plan a budget when restructuring your employee training program.

Write and Approve a Budget

All companies would like to reduce overhead costs, but you won't be able to do so if you don't track and plan your spending. What's more, the budget you create likely must be approved before you can go ahead and purchase eLearning courseware. Consider what you're spending now on training and how much of that money goes to various categories, such as paying staff or covering material costs. Then, see where you can save when switching over to eLearning. For instance, you can use off-the-shelf content, which is ready to go and covers a wide variety of topics, because it's an affordable option. What's more, because eLearning videos contain the content you'll present employees, you may not need your staff to spend their time doing the training. Of course, you can follow up video-watching sessions with in-person collaborative meetings in which employees discuss what they learned.

Consider Employee Satisfaction

Training programs are designed for employees, so it's important that they are satisfied with your work. As the theory goes, happy employees work more efficiently. According to a study published in the journal Computers and Education, employee satisfaction is made up of several elements: learner computer anxiety, eLearning course flexibility, instructor attitude toward eLearning, perceived usefulness of the training, quality of the eLearning courseware, perceived ease of use and diversity in assessments. Meet those needs by choosing a high-quality eLearning provider that makes flexible training tools. Then implement that courseware into your training program in a way that's easy to use and provides content that's relevant.

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